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Cool Things To Learn Online

Learning via the Internet does not require presence in a room, only Internet access with a PC, notebook, smartphone, or tablet. The range of courses on offer is very diverse and extensive, and every consumer will find something here to enable them to further their education online.

Especially in times when you have to stay at home, online learning is ideal for many users, because lifelong learning has become very important today. Only those who learn regularly and acquire new knowledge and skills can improve their chances of making life more successful, both professionally and privately.

In our article, we have described a selection of online learning opportunities.

Learn to dance

Dancing is a reflection of the soul, releases feelings of happiness, consumes calories and brings a lot of joie de vivre. Anyone can learn to dance and there is a wide variety of options here to learn this skill.

The dance school Moves It offers in its academy in three variants with over 350 workshops to rehearse the dance steps for different dance styles. The use of a tablet, PC, or notebook is recommended for the correct implementation of the dance styles.

Learn the piano

Many have an old keyboard or even a real piano at home. But who can play? You had been able to do that as a child or with your parents. Perhaps you have never played the piano and would like to start here as a newcomer. It’s not that difficult and it can be a lot of fun. You can try it out online at liederlernen.de, for example. The portal offers all possibilities and tips for learning piano for beginners.

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learn languages

Our mother tongue is innate and yet it can be exciting to learn new languages ​​while traveling around the world. The Internet here has an extensive selection of languages ​​that can be learned online. Duolingo offers free language lessons for Spanish, English, French, Dutch, Italian and other languages. An app for online learning is available for Apple iOS and Google Android OS. The tailor-made exercises support the user in learning the vocabulary and an immediate assessment is provided. With RosettaStone, you can practice more than a dozen languages ​​such as English, Spanish, Italian, French, or Swedish for a monthly fee.

RosettaStone is available via browser, as an app for Apple iOS and Google Android OS. RosettaStone is particularly suitable for users who want to use the languages ​​they have learned confidently in everyday conversations.

Learn to write creatively

Writing is a creative process, but not everyone can write quick texts, exciting stories, or blog posts. In this case, online writing courses are a useful way to improve your writing skills and to write nicer texts.

The Schreibwerk Berlin offers writing courses aimed at authors, bloggers, and copywriters. The courses are categorized into biography, blogging, marketing, literary, novel, science, and creative.

All courses can be booked online and impart the knowledge within a few weeks. For everyone who would like to write better, the online writing courses are an interesting offer. The Academy of Modern Writing offers those interested in courses and coaching on everything to do with writing. You can choose from the online courses in the areas of modern & creative writing, personality, genre mix, novel academy, writing training, coaching, and specialist courses. Every participant receives a certificate after successful completion.


Online learning is fun, gives you knowledge and skills in all areas where you want to continue your education. The range of courses on offer has grown rapidly in recent years and the courses described here are only a small glimpse into the extensive portfolio of learning content on numerous topics.

Every user will find the right online course for his or her topic and the costs for participation can be partially deducted from tax as professional training or further education.

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