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What Actions Can We Take To Improve Teamwork?

If the results of a team that works well are superior to those that come from individual effort, the focus is clear: invest in our employees. Regardless of the size, sector, objectives or budget of the company.

There is no doubt that, on many occasions, working in a team can be complicated, either because of the character of each member, their state of mind, or the work environment. However, we can implement certain resolutions to achieve a good relationship and good performance :

  • Focus more on the “we” than on the “me”: A small big step is to start speaking in the plural, so that all members feel that they belong to that project. The more involved we feel, the more we strive to achieve the best results.
  • Speak more: Communication is basic. We must establish an environment where you can express your opinion freely, but also listen. It is advisable to make an effort so that we do not encounter misunderstandings in the future.
  • Delegate and trust: For the teams, each task represents a challenge and, precisely for this reason, it is the best moment in which they can prove their worth. For that, they must feel comfortable working and have the certainty that their employers believe in them.
  • Set common goals and objectives: So that no one has the feeling that something is going on that has nothing to do with them and also so that everyone knows what her role is in the common project.
  • Recognize and celebrate the merits of others: This attitude contributes to reinforcing trust and collaboration in the team, as this will motivate more to achieve the following objectives.
  • Manage a conflict victoriously: As is often said, each one belongs to his father and his mother and perhaps what some see as something “normal” others consider out of place. And vice versa. And nothing happens, because there is an infallible method: empathy. If we put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, with sincerity, everything is simplified in an instant.
  • Build a heterogeneous group: People with a diverse background, character and background can be an incubator for great ideas. Doing an intelligent reading we will realize that we have the opportunity to make the most of the qualities of each person.
  • Believe in Team Building: They say that teams that have fun together stay together, so fostering a personal relationship in the company beyond the professional is a great strategy to improve teamwork. Some activities may be during official working hours, and others may not.

One thing is certain, and that is that, regardless of all the advice we can give, the main thing is to want to form or belong to a team. Teamwork is much more than that because it requires certain subtleties and a few doses of left hand. So it is in our hands to adopt a positive attitude and be predisposed to get along. Otherwise, we run the risk that the team ends up forming but without our presence, which will result in unsustainable tension after a while. An “unhealthy” competition will begin, decisions will be made without our opinion and that may be the beginning of our end. Wear and, as we say colloquially, “being burnt out” is one of the main causes of leaving a job.

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