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Corrective Invoice: What Is It, And When Is It Used?

Do you want to modify an invoice? Have you made a mistake and want to correct your error? It is possible with an updated invoice. These invoices are issued to make a modification, extension, or correction concerning the original invoice.

The corrective invoice must be issued whenever there are erroneous data in the original invoice. Instead of using the original document to correct, it is necessary to give a new invoice to rectify and preserve the validity of the original intact.

When and how is an amending invoice issued?

The rectifying invoice must be made at the same time that any irregularity in the content of the ordinary invoice is detected. In addition, it is essential to do so within four years from the date of accrual of the tax.

After issuing the invoice, we must wait a month to communicate in writing to the Tax Agency that the tax base has been modified and the fee charged on the ordinary invoice has been canceled.

When to use an amending invoice

There are different situations in which it may be necessary to correct or modify the content of an ordinary invoice. These are the most frequent reasons for issuing an amending invoice:

  • Error or absence in any relevant data or the professional data of the invoice, for example, in the data of a client, concept, or expiration date.
  • Error in the VAT rate or when calculating the fee.
  • Error when calculating the exposed amounts.

Corrective invoices can also be issued to recover VAT on unpaid invoices. In these cases, the amendment cancels the ordinary invoice.

Requirements for a rectifying invoice

When issuing an amending invoice, it is mandatory that it meets a series of requirements and must include the following information:

  • It must have a unique numbering, different from the original one.
  • It must be stated that it is a corrective invoice.
  • The cause that motivates said rectification must be described.
  • All the data that allows you to identify the original invoice you want to modify (number and date) must be included.

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