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What Are The Most Demanded Profiles?

In the business field, the year 2021 marked a decisive technological transformation. Digital tools went overnight from being a recommended innovation to an essential option to keep their businesses active. And if 2021 was one of transformation, 2022 will be one of consolidation of this reality.

In this new scenario, companies will value technology professionals even more. Among many other tasks, they are capable of designing and developing the infrastructures that allow companies to work remotely and start new businesses.

Technological profiles that will be a trend

Randstad Technologies, the Randstad area specialized in human resources solutions in the new technology sector, has detected some of the technological profiles that will be a trend in 2022.

Expert engineers in big data and data scientists, who are capable of transforming amounts of raw data into processed information, and on the other, those who can work with the data creating information models that allow us to know what is going to happen.

Profiles related to the architecture and administration of cloud environments, a field of knowledge that allows designing architectures and managing the traditional systems of organizations in new cloud environments.

Cybersecurity experts, capable of protecting company systems and networks, software, data and information systems. If you were already a highly demanded professional, telecommuting has accelerated the dependence on these profiles.

Devops engineers aim to speed up the development process by achieving more reliable releases, in close alignment with the organization’s operational goals.

Finally, Full Stack developers are versatile professionals who develop software, both in the Front End and in the Back End, with high technical knowledge.

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