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Working As A Tourist Entertainer, All You Need To Know

One of the fascinating jobs of all is probably the one done by the tourist entertainer. The tourist entertainer consists of a subject that takes care of the animation and entertainment of people during the holidays, in tourist places. It is a stimulating profession that allows you to travel to beautiful places and keep in touch with people during the holidays. The tourist entertainer works in many different areas: hotels, beaches, cruise ships, resorts, tourist villages, and on vacation, in any vacation spot.

It deals with the entertainment of vacationers, adults or children, and takes part in the organization and animation of musical parties, shows, etc.

In short, it is a job particularly suitable for all those who love to have fun, stay in contact with people, for energetic, dynamic people who love connection with the public.

There is no figure of a ‘typical tourist entertainer because each person can live this profession differently. Its task is not ‘only’ to animate holidays and holiday evenings but also to create a relaxed, peaceful and serene atmosphere of friendship and fun within the tourist village. In short, the tourist entertainer also takes care of making people become friends with each other. He designs and sets up parties and group dances to always allow entertainment and never make anyone bored. But what are the characteristics of this work? How do you become a tourist entertainer, and how much do you earn? Let’s find out together.

How to become a tourist entertainer

To become a tourist entertainer, you must first of all be inclined to this type of work and be particularly fond of social life and group fun. For the rest, it is a job that does not require particular experience, if not to be confident and charged. However, there are training/internship courses that can give some theoretical and practical notion to know what a tourist entertainer does: it is a good solution for anyone, at his first experience, who wants to enrich his CV and increase the chances of being taken to work as a tourist animator in a village.

The tourist entertainer must generally know languages ​​well, indeed English, to communicate with guests of different nationalities. He may be required to know some particular games or know dance to organize shows and entertainment. He should always have some notion of first aid just in case.

For a tourist entertainer, communicating, empathizing, and possessing good interpersonal skills are indispensable. Musical, artistic, theatrical skills and the knowledge of different games and amusement tools are also required. There is, therefore, no ‘ad hoc’ training path to become a tourist entertainer, but there are other skills and interpersonal skills that can be typical for this profession.

How much does a tourist entertainer earn?

But how much can a tourist entertainer earn? The income substantially depends on the type of work and experience: there are tourist villages that, for entertainers at the first experience and offering travel, food and accommodation, offer between 600 euros per month and 1000 at most. This figure can work in tourist villages, cruises, resorts, and so on. However, it must be borne in mind that room and board are free and that often you can rely on the critical tips of customers, which are used to supplement the salary. Being a tourist entertainer can earn while having fun and accumulating experience in the sector during the summer months with a bit of attention.

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