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12 Ideas For Conversion Optimization

The central question first: what is a conversion (or conversion)? The answer is simple: “Whenever the customer does what we want, we achieve a conversion.” Thus, the conversion rate results from the number of website visitors and the proportion of them who actually make contact, buy, click through, etc. . That needs to be increased.

Tackling the conversion optimization of the website before investing in search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing. SEO attracts new visitors to the website. Conversion optimization increases the benefit that is drawn from the incoming visitors. So you also increase the return on investment of your SEO measure.

Basics of conversion optimization

It is important that you create the right conditions before the actual optimization measures. Two have already been mentioned: Use analytical tools to make your success measurable. And never assume that you already know how visitors behave on your website – where they are looking, what they are reading, where they are clicking. The third is just as important: take tests.

Make a note of the actual status (e.g. the number of clicks on the order button) and measure the change after you have made a change (e.g. shortened text, headline in signal color, size of the product photos). It is of course ideal if both (or all three or four) versions are tested in parallel at the same time, because this way distortions due to fluctuating visitor numbers can be excluded. There are ready-made tools for these so-called multivariate tests. They ensure that the different versions are displayed in rotation.

But there are also other ways than A / B tests to obtain information about user behavior on the site. Many website problems can be tracked down by knowing where the visitor hesitates or fails. The top class are usability tests , but user session replays (the recording of users while surfing) or simply interviews with uninvolved third parties after they have used the website can also be very useful. The advantage of these methods is that they can also be used before the website is launched.

Remove distractions

There is usually not one major disruptive factor that lowers conversions, but a large number of small frictional losses:

  • Sounds or animations that distract the visitor’s attention
  • Unclear signals telling the visitor what to do next
  • Overstimulation from too many colors, images and calls to action
  • Insufficient labeling of the most important information
  • Unclearness about the benefits of the offer for the customer
  • Texts with too generic content
  • Unnecessarily complicated contact forms
  • Too few confidence building elements or their placement in the wrong place
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