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Google My Business And Local SEO: Improving Local Visibility

Local visibility describes all measures taken to get a website as high as possible in the local search results.

Local SEO was gradually introduced by Google in 2007. The goal is for your website to appear at the top of local search results. If you rely on local visibility, you have to pay attention to a few things:

Why is local SEO important?

  • 45% of all searches in Google are local searches. The focus is on opening times, addresses, route to the store and product information.
  • 72% of local searches on the smartphone and 66% of local searches on the tablet end in a shop if it is within 10 km of the location.
  • 50% of mobile searches end in the store / store within a day.

Local visibility is essential these days.

The main factors for improving local visibility

  • Google My Business (GMB), directories, navigation devices, opening hours books
  • Reviews (decide about the contacts you get)
  • Questions & Answers (can explain your services and products and thus make them more attractive)
  • Local links (strengthen your link profile and your address immensely)

Create a Google My Business account

In order to achieve a higher ranking in the local search results, you can use the option and create a Google My Business profile. You increase your local visibility and get a higher ranking on Google Maps.

Once you’ve created your Google My Business listing, all of the information you provided will be included in the local Google search results.

Pay attention to these adjustments in your Google My Business entry:

  • Make customers aware of the opportunity to write reviews
  • Address customer criticism objectively and honestly
  • Point out precise and relevant details in your profile
  • Include important information such as name, services, payment methods, etc.

If you follow these tips, nothing stands in the way of your company’s local visibility.

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