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4 Tips For Successful Instagram Marketing

More than a billion people worldwide are on Instagram. On average, users spend 30 minutes a day in the app – an incredible opportunity for companies to place clever marketing posts. In recent years, Instagram has launched various features that open up new possibilities for Instagram marketing and are therefore becoming more important for the job profile of online marketing managers . However, in order to use Instagram effectively for marketing purposes, there are a few basic Instagram marketing tips worth knowing.

1. Use creative tools

Instagram thrives on visual content , so get creative! Use the countless filters, special effects and the many editing options that Instagram has to offer. Make sure that your content is as exciting as possible, but always with recognition value . Be sure to use the same filters, perspectives and colors that reflect your corporate design . Pro tip: You can also use design apps such as Canva to customize your Instagram Stories and posts. This free app offers a variety of high-quality layouts that you can use to make your posts look really professional.

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2. Mix photos and videos

The currently most popular tactic when it comes to Instagram is to intersperse so-called “reels” between standardized photos and videos. The success of moving image content speaks for itself, as it can generate up to three times more inbound links than static content. This is where the big magic word of digital storytelling comes into play , which is much easier to implement with short videos than with individual images. With the help of Instagram’s own video features, creating videos for your Instagram marketing becomes child’s play. Don’t underestimate the special value of reels. You can maximize the benefits of reels by working with the top video production agencies in San Jose to create more professional content.

3. Linking and cross-media linking

Take the opportunity to link your Instagram account to your website or other social media profiles of your company using a short link on your profile in order to collect leads or refer to more comprehensive content. If you want to place multiple links, you can integrate the Linktree app. Unlike on other platforms, it is quite common on Instagram to refer to third-party or even competing companies. If you want your own number of followers to grow as quickly as possible, it is best to follow and tag everyone who is active and known in your own industry, or who has common interests and skills. At best, the result is more attention and increasing numbers of followers and mentions for everyone involved.

4. Find influencers

Find opinion leaders and turn them into innovative multipliers for your products and services . Especially in the areas of nutrition. Fashion and beauty, there are a large number of professional Instagrammers who are looking for suitable cooperations with companies. These opinion leaders provide a direct voice to your target audience as their followers trust them when it comes to new trends and products . Working with suitable influencers can sustainably increase your brand awareness and the number of followers. However, make sure that the selected brand ambassador uses the desired, relevant hashtags and refers to your account.

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