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Has An Online Shop Been Created? Sell ​​Better On Instagram! Step By step Instructions

Selling on Instagram is a better choice for you in the short term. You shouldn’t break over the knee when creating an online shop.

The corona crisis has turned our lives up to now . From one day to the next we have to face new daily challenges. Shop owners and small business owners fear for their livelihood. From every challenge, people have always grown up, learn new things, reinvent themselves, that is what defines us human beings. Doing nothing accelerates the feeling of loss of control. Stay active and active, look for solutions. There is hardly a product that cannot be sold or advertised online.

We will show you step by step how you can turn from a shop owner to an online shop dealer in just a few hours. You no longer have to worry about whether you should set up an online shop.

The buzzword for shopkeepers and small business owners is:

Selling on Instagram

Step 1 – create an Instagram Business account

Download the Instagram app to your mobile phone and click on register. You should fill out your profile as much as possible. Profile picture, username and brief description are the most important factors in customer perception. Now switch your profile to Business status. At the top right of the app, click Settings – Account – Switch to Professional Account

Instagram is part of the Facebook empire and therefore interconnected. During the registration process you will also be asked for a Facebook profile on Facebook. If you don’t have a Facebook profile, that’s no problem either, a Facebook profile will be created for you directly from Instagram. The Facebook profile then corresponds to your Instagram username. This step is necessary, but it is done right away.

If you now click through the app, you will discover new functions: Insights Here you can see how often your profile has been viewed by users, how often your posts have been shown, etc. These statistics will accompany you in the future.

Step 2 – Post your first posts

In order to sell and get noticed on Instagram, you first and foremost need pictures to post. Everything you post can be advertised afterwards. First of all, it is important that you bring your account to life. Preferably post pictures of your products and look at other Instagram profiles for comparison.

Useful apps for professional posts

An example would be the Adobe Spark Post. With this app, products and texts can be professionally staged. Easy to use and self-explanatory. If you can’t find a suitable image for you, many websites offer high quality free stock images. Let your customers know that you are now on Instagram and share your Instagram profile url. Use hashtags and the location so that your customers can find them directly.

Step 3: Offer the product for sale

Post the product you want to sell and state the conditions: price, how should be paid? PayPal or bank transfer? How should interest be expressed? By email, comment or private message. Provide clear instructions and as much information as possible.

Extended advertising options:

If you cannot reach your customers in this way, there are extended options, which, however, require experience in online marketing. There are now many ways to draw attention to yourself on Instagram . The simplest form of Instagram advertising would be to advertise your posts. In your profile, click on the post that you would like to promote. You will find the “Highlight” functions. You will now be redirected to Facebook Ads Manager.

Here you can specify that, for example, only users in a certain location can see your ad. In the next step you determine how long the ad should be displayed. In addition, you indicate how much you would like to spend on it per day.

Don’t let the corona crisis get you down. Selling on Instagram is the fastest and cheapest solution for you. You can reach people from your area and have the opportunity to expand your business throughout Germany. You will be amazed which positive experiences you will have, which people you will meet and which moments of happiness are still waiting for you. We are also available if you have any questions and are happy to help with the creation of advanced functions such as Instagram Shopping and Stories Ads. Of course, you can also have an inexpensive online shop set up for you. This always protects you from downtime and secures your future on all levels. Let us advise you.

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