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6 Tips For Choosing The Ideal Powerbank

The powerbank: an external battery pack to have a spare battery for your smartphone even when you are traveling, at work, at an event, or in any other situation where you do not have an outlet. Reliable forecasts say that it will be the most gifted item to its customers or family members in the coming months.

It can be charged from a USB port or a wall charger using the special cable provided in the package.

There are many types on the market: but what are the factors to take into consideration to buy one suitable for your needs and device?

  • Battery power: the most common are 1800, 2200, 3600, 4400, and 5500 MHA but on the market, there are also 10400 mAh ones (a higher MHA corresponds to more energy and higher recharging to the device). So, you must first check the internal battery capacity of your mobile phone and make sure you buy a powerbank that has a capacity of at least 20% higher in order to guarantee a complete recharge of your device.
  • Dimensions: the less bulky it will be, the more expensive it will be. Almost all of the ones we offer are small enough to fit comfortably in any pocket, pouch, or handbag;
  • Design: even the eye wants its part … the quality of materials, color, and level of customization affect the price and the stylistic elegance of the item. Now there is no limit to the imagination, we have many different ones on our site from the classic cylinder ones to those in 3d with the shape you prefer
  • Autonomy: this point takes into consideration the time it takes the device to fully recharge and the time it takes to fully recharge the device. Here too there are many different models that can take from 4 hours to 11 to recharge from everything (mainly depends on the MHA of the battery).
  • Weight: it does not greatly influence the choice, because there tend to be much more important factors to take into consideration but it must still be evaluated. Having a heavy power bank limits its carrying in your pockets or set of keys.
  • The number of USB ports available: This point should be taken seriously. Having more than one USB port is really a big advantage when you don’t have an outlet to charge your devices. The fact of being able to have an object capable of recharging more than one at the same time in a small space is really a great advantage. Classic models usually have only one, so they can only charge one device at a time but the more expensive ones can have from 2 to 4. It is also important to evaluate this aspect also based on the battery power (it would be useless to have a powerbank with 4 USBs with a power of 1800 MHA because it would not allow you to recharge even one of your devices).

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