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7 Quick Design Tips

As never before, in the business world today, design plays an important and strategic role in determining the success or failure of a company. The design is no longer just something that is associated with the design or Photoshop, but something that is able to combine visual experience, interaction, and experience related to the product or service.

Here are some simple tips that will help you better understand the world of design and innovation.

Negative spaces

Look at this picture.. what do you see? The first intuitive answer is a triangle. But if you look at it more closely and carefully you will notice that it is only 3 circles that are missing a portion. Fascinating … isn’t it?

This simple exercise is already able to demonstrate the great potential of negative space and how this can drastically influence the observer’s perception. For this reason, be sure to include negative spaces in your design as well. These will help focus the viewer’s attention on some details that are most important to you.

Visual hierarchy

All contents are not the same on a conceptual level but there is a certain hierarchy. This can very well be established using different sizes, shapes, spaces, and positioning of objects.


Try asking a photographer how he makes a spectacular photo. He will surely answer you that it is thanks to the composition, to the relationship between the elements represented. These play a fundamental role especially for the final result and the look and feel of your product. Make sure you are clear and defined what you want to represent and what you don’t need to incorporate into the design. Choose appropriate image compositions, clean and studied ad hoc. Your site and all communication tools must also reflect the values ​​of your business. Each element is important and should certainly not be left to chance.


Colors have the power to drastically influence the perception of the idea you want to convey through your design. Study your colors carefully – they need to be in sync with your design and use tools such as contrast and filters to make the color more prominent and impactful.


Text is an integral part of any design and plays a vital role in the perception of your business. In fact, choosing a good font generally makes the user stay much longer on your site because it makes reading much easier and more fluent. Look for fonts that are easy to read, with nice font size and proper line spacing. All this is very important for the user experience.

Data-driven design

There is a lot of scientific evidence showing how a user perceives design. This includes many scientific aspects including eye movement, spatial reconnaissance, and the hierarchy of space.

Focus on this data and give something more than your competitors.


A great way to break up the monotony of lines and text is with photos. Stock photos are a great way today and are widely used but are often not the right way to represent the right emotions. Often the images that work best are the spontaneous ones, made to their customers or independently. Even if you often buy photos from online stocks make sure you give them a little adjustment to make them fit your business.

The above are just some of the things you need to keep in mind while you are designing your products. But, at the same time, they are not rigid rules and neither is design such a rigid discipline in terms of vision and interaction. So what are you waiting for? Start practicing some of these rules!

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