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Top 10 Richest Clubs In The World

Football is a crazy sport with crazy money. In this list we are going to find out the financial powerhouses in the world football. If we are to consider the club is rich then it has to tick some of the boxes like spending power, record breaking transfers, merchandise sales, tv deals and the riches of the owners.

Here are our top 10 richest clubs in the world of football

#10. Inter Milan FC

Though Inter Milan has gone through bit of a roller coaster of fortunes on the pitch since then treble winning 2009/10 season they started winning in the financial department in june of 2016. The blues of Milan are subject of a takeover bid by a chinese company, and in 2018 the club is valued 2.6 billion dollars.The teams revenue 302.5$ mil from 2017 and then translated to a whole lot of recruitment of their squad prior to 2018/19 season despite financial rules restricting them to a whole lot of loans.

Revenue Generated: €262.1 million (£225.2 million or $321.2 million).

#9. Juventus FC

One of the most successful club in the history of Italian football. Juventus is also the power house in the european stage. With the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2018/19 season Juventus revenue has risen instantly. Juventus club is owned by Agnelli family who also have major investments in car companies such as FIA and Ferrari Juve has never shied away for spending money in the transfer market. In fact the Juventus shares climbed to 25% when 5 time Ballon D’or winner signed for Juventus in 2018 for 100$ million not including additional fees. Thanks to Ronaldo that Juventus sold 60$ million in shirt sales.

Revenue Generated: €405.7 million (£348.6 million or $496.9 million).

#8. Chelsea FC

Roman Abramovich whose estimated to be worth 11.9$ billion brought Chelsea in June of 2003. There has been a revolving door of managers and player personnel ever since. All of their spending has ensured them that they are once tied with Manchester United as the most successful english side since the Abramovich era began as they won many premier league titles and a Champions league title. The most success they had the more fans they acquired world wide which helped them to make over 505 million euros in 2018 alone.

Revenue Generated: €505.5 million in 2018.

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#7. Liverpool FC

For sure Liverpool made some unsuccessful signings in the past but nothing in compared to the signings 2018. They Once again breaking the records in transfer market with record breaking deals for signing Virgil Van Dijk and Alison Becker. However the club is taken over by the 2.5$ billion Fenway Sports group in 2010 they were able to make even more record breaking signings. In Fact after the new managerial appointment of charismatic German Jurgen Klopp Liverpool’s revenue began to climb as well. Thus the club is even attracting the world class players and with the higher transfer bills. Liverpool returned to the Champions league coupled with consistent ticket sales and excellent tv deals in the premier League helped them to gain 489.6$ in 2017 alone and in 2018 it even raised to €513.7 Million.

Revenue Generated: €513.7 million in 2018.

#6. Paris Saint-Germain FC

Paris Saint-Germain are just a decent club in France before a massive take over bid made them the club France. In 2011 Qatar sports investments who are valued today at an estimated 332$ billion became the major shareholders of the capital city club. From then there is a constant stream of investment in the squad, with the most notable signings being brazilian’s Neymar for 255$ million and world cup winner Kylian Mbappe for 207$ million. Clearly PSG has money and they aren’t afraid to spend it as Neymar became the most expensive signing of all time and Mbappe became the second. PSG money from the Qatar owners is seemingly endless and they generated 541.7€ Million in 2018.

Revenue Generated: €541.7 million in 2018.

#5. Manchester City FC

Prior to 2008 Manchester City fans struck in a long forty years cycle of just getting brought, then the Abu Dhabi united group came along and purchased the club for 272$ million and invested in the squad and facilities heavily. After that the rest is history. The man at the top of the food chain in this case is Sheikh Mansour who has the estimated net worth of 222$ billion, and his family is just estimated of a fortune around one trillion dollars. All of this investment led to City’s first 3 premier league titles, 1 FA cup, 3 League cups, champions league football and massive growth in popularity world wide. This generated 568.4€ in 2018 for the blue side of Manchester.

Revenue Generated: €568.4 million in 2018.

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#4. Bayern Munich FC

Bayern Munich make a ton of money. Not only they are historically supported team in Germany and the most successful and also the richest as well. In 2017 they racked in an astonishing revenue of 680$ million from merchandise, matchday sales, sponsorships and Tv deals. Of course being the team with second most appearances in the UEFA champions league what not this club has everything to generate massive amounts of revenue.

Revenue Generated: €629.2 million in 2018.

#3. Manchester United FC

Speaking of successful english club there is no denying that Manchester United is the Most successful club in England. They won the most league titles second most FA cup victories and second most european titles as well. In 2004 their success led to the gradual take over by the club by American sports tycoon Malcolm Glazer, whose family business is estimated to be worth about 4.5$ billion dollars. Given the household name “United” their fans are everywhere. They generated astonishing revenue from merchandise, Tv deals, pay massive amounts of money to see them live and many sponsorship deals. They generated a eye watering revenue of 666€ in 2018.

Revenue Generated: €666 million in 2018.

#2. Barcelona FC

Speaking of ownership some Spanish clubs like Barcelona and their rivals Real Madrid operates in a similar manner, in which the club is operated by own supporters or club members of Barcelona. These club members pay a membership fee in order to have the rights of votes on matters regarding governance of the club choosing a club president bankable security. Of course Barcelona doesn’t have a billionaire backing but that doesn’t matter they do however make an incredible income of money through sponsorship deals, global tv rights, merchandise sales and match day live tickets. So much in fact that Barcelona made a whooping €690.4 millions in revenue in 2018. With Lionel Messi as the face of the club money will automatically flow for a long time.

Revenue Generated: €690.4 million in 2018.

#1. Real Madrid CF

Historically Los Blancos are always associated with attracting the super star players from all over the world in 1960’s it was Ferenc Puskas and Di Stefano. The club president Florentino perez reign began it was all about the Galacticos. Luis figo, Zidane, David Beckham, Roberto Carlos, both of the Ronaldos and many many more. Almost every well known names in football have worn the white Jersey of Real Madrid and brought them tons of cash in the process thanks to merchandise sales, and big money sponsorship deals which amounted €750.9 million revenue in 2018. Given that they operate in the same ownership model as FC Barcelona.

Revenue Generated: €750.9 million in 2018.

These are our top 10 richest clubs in world of Football

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