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As A Company, Improve Your Online Reach

If a website isn’t delivering the leads or sales you were hoping for, it could be for many reasons. But before you go out and hire an agency, you need to know what actually needs to be done. A small audit of the website is helpful. This way, hasty decisions can be prevented.

Check website optimization

Without any SEO work, your website will not appear in a high position on any of the search engines. The only traffic you’re likely to get is from people who already know your website. These may be existing customers and your friends. In both cases, these are probably not new customers.

To bring new customers to your website and reach people who are actively searching for your product or service, you can incorporate well-chosen keywords and phrases into your website. In other words, find out what potential customers are looking for and talk about it.

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Digital advertising

SEO is just one way to get traffic to your site on the web. Under no circumstances should you ignore digital ads. Because digital advertising works. Unlike any other form of advertising, as an advertiser you have constant control over exactly what happens. Advertising can also be extremely target group-specific. On platforms such as Facebook or Google, settings can be made so precisely that ads are only seen by people who are actually looking for the product.

If you are not familiar with digital advertising, then you may be interested in taking a digital advertising course to learn the basics. Although these advertising platforms are very intuitive to use, knowing the best strategy to read through will help you use your budget effectively. Of course, experts can also be called upon to help.

Looking for digital partnerships

As a company, you of course have partners with whom you work regularly. Whether suppliers or customers, contacts must be used. They can be asked to place a link to their own website. These links have several advantages. On the one hand, visitors can use it to find your own website, and on the other hand, it improves the ranking in search engines.

However, partnerships do not have to be limited to linking. Many companies send their customers newsletters or communicate with them via social networks. Partners can also mention each other and thus receive more attention and reach.

Use social networks

Social networks are now part of every digital strategy. Many potential customers spend their time on Facebook, Twitter , Instagram , etc. every day. So why should a company avoid using this route?

However, in order to be successful on the social web, some prerequisites must be met. These are approximately:

  • A plan: what should be achieved? What content should be created?
  • Rules: How do you deal with a shitstorm? How are users addressed?
  • Effort: It must be determined exactly how much effort is required for which platform.
  • Platforms: Find out where the target audience is active and focus on those platforms.

Responsive and mobile-friendly website

It’s been known for some time that one of the key factors that impacts your website ranking is how well it is optimized for mobile. This means how quickly it loads on both Wi-Fi and mobile internet, and how well it fits on the screen, and whether the buttons and links appear in the right places and are easy to use. The fact that mobile usability is such an important ranking factor today is because more people use their smartphones than sit at home on their desktop computers.

If your website hasn’t been updated in a few years, it’s in desperate need of a refresh. The technology is most likely outdated and could cause visitors to drop out before they become customers.

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