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The Sales Funnel: Your Key To Increasing Sales

If you want to increase your company’s sales, you can’t ignore the sales funnel concept. But what exactly does this term mean, and how can you use the potential of such a sales funnel for your company? That’s precisely what we want to talk about today.

What is a Sales Funnel?

Imagine a funnel. At the top, at the furthest part of the funnel, are potential customers who have just found out about your company. As they move through the funnel, these interested parties then become concrete leads, ultimately customers and, ideally, loyal regular customers. This process is called the sales funnel.

Each step of the funnel is crucial and requires specific measures to lead potential customers to the next step successfully. A professional online marketing strategy tailored to your target group is one of the most effective means of doing this.

Practical example: Sales-optimized website and pay-per-click advertising

Let’s take a service company from Rostock as an example. Through targeted measures, including creating a sales-optimized website and using pay-per-click ads (PPC), the number of new customer inquiries increased sevenfold from 2-3 per week. In concrete terms, this means that instead of just a few questions weekly questions, the company suddenly received 2-3 new customer inquiries daily.

The result: an impressive increase in sales

The impact on sales was impressive. Within nine months, the company’s monthly sales rose from around €50,000 to an incredible €300,000 – and that with a monthly marketing budget of initially €5,000. How was that possible? By implementing a well-thought-out and holistic strategy that was precisely tailored to the needs and goals of the company.

The path to success: step by step

Of course, this impressive increase did not happen overnight but in several stages. With each rise in sales, the marketing budget was also increased accordingly to reach even more potential customers and successfully guide them through the sales funnel. This is an excellent example of how the principle of the sales funnel works in practice and what potential it has.

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