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Back To The Sea: Gadgets For The Summer

The summer of 2021 will be remembered for a long time: umbrellas at a safe distance, ready-to-use filter masks, and a profusion of sanitizers have in fact made Italian beaches absolutely unprecedented. But this does not mean that holidays by the sea have to change their face.

Lying under the warm rays of the sun on the beach or lulled by the waves on a mattress, holidays remain a symbol of relaxation and fun. Companies wishing to promote their brand, therefore, have the task of associating their name with these pleasant sensations, so as to improve their image and retain their customers. Hence, therefore, the need to find the right promotional gadgets for the summer, to give to your target audience in view of the holidays. Here is a list of ideas to make the most of the beach and to make your customers happy!

Promotional gadgets for the summer

There are so many customizable beach accessories: here are some ideas!

  • Customizable thermal bottle: on the beach, there is nothing better than having a cool drink at hand: why not personalize a thermal bottle, able to keep the temperature of the drinks low?
  • Thermal backpack with logo: here is another personalized accessory for the beach linked to the world of refrigeration. Fruit salad, melon, water, cold pasta, rice salad: this backpack is designed for those who want to take food to the beach and keep it fresh;
  • Customizable Sunglasses: Difficult to face sunny days without tinted glasses. Why not gift your customers with glasses with your company logo printed on the temples?
  • Customizable beach umbrellas: simply inevitable. Lovers of free beaches and more isolated places cannot do without a personal beach umbrella. Why not give a customizable one?
  • Customizable beach towels: together with the umbrella, another real must have for beachgoers, to dry quickly once out of the water and to make your position in the sun even more comfortable.
  • Inflatable games with logo: inflatable pillows, beach balls, pinwheels, frisbees, beach rackets, buckets, and spades. For the little ones – and not only for them – the beach is a place to play like no other, to build sandcastles, for exciting challenges on the water’s edge, and for much other entertainments. Why not make your customers’ summer more playful with personalized beach games?
  • Beach Ashtray: certainly the best option would be to quit smoking. But if you really can’t do without a cigarette, it is much better to have a beach ashtray, so as not to leave the butts in the sand!
  • Personalized inflatable mattress: What could be more relaxing than lying on an inflatable mattress and letting the waves lull us slowly, while the sun warms us and the sea breeze caresses our skin? Virtually nothing: for this reason, a personalized air mattress will be an absolutely appreciated promotional gift!

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