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    Hepatitis Protection For Travelers

    Brief info & tips

    • Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver that can be caused by viruses.
    • Depending on the virus infection, hepatitis A, hepatitis B , hepatitis C, hepatitis D, or hepatitis E develops .
    • The risk of transmission of hepatitis is increased in many travel countries.
    • Hepatitis is highly contagious.
    • Inflammation of the liver can be severe and fatal.
    • There are vaccinations against hepatitis A and hepatitis B.
    • Information on hepatitis vaccination booster

    Prevention of hepatitis for travel through vaccination

    Hepatitis A vaccination is still possible on the day of departure ( “last-minute trips” )

    • A single dose of vaccination is enough to have protection for the trip, even if the vaccination would take place on the day of departure itself.
    • Due to the long incubation period and the quick build-up of the vaccination protection, the vaccination can be administered shortly before departure, for example for “last-minute trips”.
    • The second vaccination takes place after 6 months so that long-term protection is achieved.

    Plan hepatitis B vaccination 1 month (at least 3 weeks) before departure

    • For hepatitis B, two vaccinations are required at an interval of one month before departure in order to have protection for the trip.
    • There is a short vaccination scheme: Here, vaccination protection can be achieved within 3 weeks with 3 vaccinations.
    • In both cases, a further vaccination is required after 6 or 12 months in order to achieve long-term protection.

    Seek advice from your doctor

    In principle, any doctor can give vaccinations against hepatitis. What can you do not forget to freshen up?

    Fit for travel offers you a selection of doctors trained in travel medicine in your area.

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