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Dhoni – ‘The Best Finisher’ Game Has Ever Witnessed

MS Dhoni, a very familiar name to all the global cricket fans and known for all his excellence in bagging ICC Trophies & finishing the thriller matches in style. He is considered as the best finisher in the current cricketing era. Many fine innings were delivered from his bat and cricket fans have witnessed plenty of thriller knocks, death over chases and more over his trademark finishing Sixes. This entire story is history; currently every critic is raising his finger against Dhoni and his inconsistent form. Though he managed a fifty in the first ODI against Australia, failed to win the match for India.

But, the second ODI was the true example that showed the courage and commitment of Dhoni to everyone. The Innings was a breathtaking one. He took the responsibility of winning the match for his team yet one more time and he has delivered for his Team. He scored 55 runs in 54 balls with only 2 sixes in his innings this is the true witness that how Dhoni relies on running. At the age of 37 his running was amazing between the wickets and almost the best compared with all the cricketers. Many consider him as Usain Bolt of Cricket. He was struggling and was very tired after running hard at the death over of that innings but won for his team again and the last over six was mesmerising though. Overall it was a MSD classic.

This Innings again answered the cricket critics and will keep them shut for few more days. The war between critics and Dhoni is not the new one. It’s been from ages. Critics raise their voice and Dhoni smacks them with a innings of this kind. There is no doubt that Dhoni will be in the World Cup 2019 Squad but Rishabh Pant who is a worthy replacement for Dhoni is the tough competitor for him. Team India needs his presence and experience more over his mind games to lift the World Cup. There are few more ODIs and let’s see for how many more innings will lock the mouth of haters.

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