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Emotional Salary: How To Retain The Talent Of Your Company?

High turnover within companies is a problem that we must avoid. To try to reduce it, it is important to establish talent loyalty actions with the aim of making the people who work in our organization feel comfortable and happy.

What is emotional salary?

The emotional salary is the non-monetary remuneration that people in our organization receive and that helps us maintain motivation and well-being within the company.

It is important to work on it, since professionals are increasingly concerned and demand non-wage compensation. We are moving away from the old employment contract where we were only offered a good salary as a benefit, there are many workers who even prefer to give up receiving a larger monetary amount in exchange for a higher “emotional salary”.

To have a reference, some of the main reasons why a worker terminates his employment contract with a company are:

  • Not feeling valued or recognized
  • Mismatch between the agreed hours
  • Lack of development and growth opportunities
  • poorly paid job
  • Inflexible hours
  • bad conciliation
  • The values ​​of the company do not coincide with their own
  • They have no involvement in company opportunities or decisions

Therefore, once we have identified some of the points where workers may feel most undervalued or dissatisfied, we must implement measures within the company to prevent this from happening in our workforce.

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How to retain our workers thanks to the emotional salary?

If you want a good work environment within your company and that your workers do not feel the need to look outside for a motivation that your company can give them, you will be interested in reading the following tips:

Healthy work environment

Get to know your workers, examine their behavior and identify those that may be causing problems within the team, or those that do not feel fulfilled and show a lack of motivation. There is nothing more uncomfortable and less productive than working in a hostile environment, a worker will never be able to develop his full talent if his work environment is like a constant cold war.

It is important to work on it, create and implement a strong company culture.

Reconciliation and flexibility

We cannot forget the personal life of our workers, we must empathize and know that each person has their own needs and circumstances. It is important to show ourselves accessible in terms of granting days off for personal matters, also flexible hours for family conciliation or any other situation that they have not been able to control and needs extra permission from the company.

Opportunities to grow

Something that motivates professionals today is not only having the opportunity to stay, but also having the opportunity to grow within the company. Working in an organization in which the worker knows that he can aspire to more is an incentive that motivates to increase retention, since it helps to increase the challenges.

Being part of and knowing the decisions of the company

It is important that they feel included in the decisions made by the company, since they may feel undervalued if we do not ask for their opinion for new projects or we make the decision for them.

In addition, we must not forget that it is very enriching to have various points of view internally. Centralizing decisions in the directive can lead us to errors since we do not have the vision of the rest of the members of the company.

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