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Formulas To Increase Productivity In Your Company

Productivity within a company is the oxygen of the business lung. In other words, a fundamental part of achieving success and having a healthy company.

That is why we must dedicate efforts and time to analyze how we can increase productivity.

How to increase productivity in your company?

There are methods to increase productivity, whether the business activity is carried out physically in the office or telematically.

Another factor to take into account, in addition to the physical presence, or not, in the workplace, are the characteristics of the tasks that the workers perform. It is not the same to execute a mechanical job or a more creative one.

Tips to increase productivity

Below, we present some guidelines that we believe are the most important to start increasing the productivity of your company.

Measure and analyze

  • The first thing we must do is select the KPIs on which we will measure productivity.
  • It is important to compare the data, since if this is not the case, this can negatively influence our analysis.
  • In addition to being able to measure KPIs, it is also important to assess productivity from a qualitative point of view. For this, it will be important to launch surveys for both employees and customers.

Automate tasks

  • When workers perform highly repetitive tasks, this can lead to errors or lower productivity due to lack of motivation due to lack of challenges.
  • In this way, we will reduce the time that our employees dedicate to carrying out these tasks and they will be able to spend it on others that require greater dedication and effort.

Continuous training of employees

It is important to keep our staff updated, the digital world is evolving rapidly and we must be prepared for it. In addition, it is an extra motivation for workers to know that they are up to date and that this allows them to be more productive.

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Productivity hacks, what are they and how can they help us?

We can define productivity hacks as small tricks that allow us to organize our work in a comfortable way so that tasks are less burdensome. This is achieved by dividing the time in which we carry them out, doing them at a certain time of the day (at the beginning or at the end of the working day), or simply detailing a specific time that we are going to dedicate to a specific activity.

Times without interruption

It is important to spend some time concentrating on the activity we are doing, therefore, we must avoid distractions. Managing time so that our employees are not interrupted during the time they need to carry out their tasks normally will be of vital importance.

Continuous distractions or interruptions directly affect productivity as they cut the pace of work and concentration, having to start the process several times.

Pomodoro technique

The pomodoro technique supports interruption, but on a scheduled basis, that is, following a certain work schedule or rhythm. The initial technique consisted of working for 25 minutes at a time and interspersing them with 10-minute breaks.

Eat the frog

The name of this technique comes from the phrase of its author Mark Twain “Eat a frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you for the rest of the day”, that is, do the heaviest task at the beginning of the day and later. You can focus all your energy on what you like to do most.

It is a good technique to increase productivity, since motivation is maintained throughout the working day and this directly affects the pace of work.

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