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The 6 Hats Of An Effective Team

The level of diversity in a team affects its effectiveness because it changes the dynamics and processes of the group. In fact, having a multidisciplinary team enriches our experience as workers since we can combine the characteristics of each one to achieve the best result. Although it is also true that, at times, it can create difficulties when working, since tensions appear related to both people and tasks.

In 1933, the famous Maltese writer and psychologist Edward de Bono wrote a book entitled “Six Thinking Hats”, in which he sets out a methodology for group discussions and decision-making. In it, de Bono assigns a color to the posture we adopt as individuals in team meetings.

The white hat

The white color represents purity, comfort and neutrality, and helps to cleanse and clarify ideas. For this reason, it is always based on facts and figures, therefore exclusively objective data. The energy is concentrated on seeking and presenting information, and on splitting the extrapolations or interpretations that often confuse.

The red hat

Red is the color of passion and that is why it is no coincidence that wearing this hat leads us to bring out the deepest emotions. Through it, the opportunity to express feelings and intuitions is generated without the need to explain or justify them. This is how the red hat legitimizes these “irrational” aspects and makes them visible so that they enrich the map of thought. However, in general, in official meetings or business meetings it does not have much room.

The black hat

With the black hat on we can identify the risks, dangers and barriers that exist, which makes us be more cautious and avoid ideas that do not suit our objectives. His character is purely logical. It is not enough to feel that something does not fit to express it, it is necessary to justify the failure, highlight the risk and explain the reasons for skepticism. It seeks to influence the real world, anticipating the real consequences of a certain course of action. And that analysis must be based on real dangers and not on unthinking pessimism.

The yellow hat

When we put on the yellow hat, it is time to look for the positive reasons or benefits of the topic being discussed. It is a constructive thinking hat, with which proposals are made to promote changes: solve a problem, introduce an improvement or take advantage of an opportunity. This hat is related to efficiency, to making things happen.

The green hat

The green hat is that of creativity, with which we can generate new thoughts. It allows raising possibilities in the absence of which it is impossible to progress and implies fleeing from old ideas to find better ones. Therefore, it means being open to change. Unlike what happens in the exact sciences, life situations have many possible solutions and some are better than others, since they are less expensive, more reliable and/or more achievable.

The blue hat

This hat is in charge of controlling the rest of the hats. When the group or team of thinkers puts on this hat, it is time to discuss the thought process, exercise guidelines and objectives to be achieved. It represents structured thinking, the one that focuses and guides us at each step, pointing out alternatives, proposing new strategies and maintaining control in each sequence so that we do not go off the rails or get stuck.

In short, valuing and knowing how to solve problems is one of the fundamental pillars for a team to work. That is why it is essential that all team members are able to see all perspectives and approaches, to put on all hats in order to find the most beneficial solution for the company.

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