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Samsung or Apple & What Is Siri?

Anyone looking for a new tablet or smartphone is usually spoiled for choice. As soon as the market has been reduced to the two most striking players, only Apple or Samsung remain. However, it doesn’t make a decision any easier. We’ll give you a few tips to make your decision easier.

Why is the decision so difficult at all?

First of all, it should be clarified why it is so difficult to make a decision. In the case of Samsung and Apple, the answer is relatively simple: Both make excellent devices.

At Apple, the design may seem a little more attractive. Samsung, on the other hand, scores well in the area of price performance. So when you know that devices from both manufacturers are extremely good, making a decision is a little easier. You no longer have to live with the fear that you have purchased a “bad” device – regardless of which device you buy now.

What speaks for and against Apple?

In any case, the extensive iTunes Store, as well as the simple and absolutely intuitive operation of the iPhone and the iPad, speak for Apple. Apple can also score an incredible number of points when it comes to design. The devices are usually stylishly designed and still make a timelessly modern impression even after years.

Apple’s pricing policy has a rather negative effect. The prices are usually significantly exaggerated for the performance offered. Here Apple pulls out all the stops of branding because customers know who buys Apple is buying a quality product. However, spending an amount beyond good and bad for a smartphone does not have to be the case.

What speaks for and against Samsung?

Samsung scores with a slightly more diverse range of products. There is not just one up-to-date smartphone, but usually several smaller offshoots of it. In terms of performance, these are then usually a little tighter. But you also save a lot on the price.

At Samsung, the price is a chapter of its own anyway. For a comparable device, you only spend a fraction at Samsung, which would be far less than at Apple. Nevertheless, they are equipped with the latest technology.

The Android aspect sometimes has a disadvantageous effect on Samsung. The open-source operating system leads to numerous apps, but there is no such strict control as in the iTunes Store. The consequence: not all apps are really recommendable. In terms of development, too, you sometimes lag a little behind. With the help of Google, a Samsung smartphone with Android can be controlled more or less by voice – but you are noticeably removed from Siri.

Apple or Samsung? Our opinion

Our tip: Use Samsung if the price is important to you and you don’t necessarily want to spend a lot of money on a brand with a strong presence. However, if you want to own a stylish smartphone that is easy to use and has a closed app store, you have to contact Apple. The same applies, of course, to the tablets from the two manufacturers.

Anyone who has an up-to-date iPhone has certainly come into contact with Siri at some point. The application belongs to every current iPhone and is very popular with many users. The reason for this is simple: Siri significantly improves the user experience of the iPhone.

Voice controls are still far from being commonplace. PCs are still operated with a mouse and keyboard. Cell phones via the (mechanical) key or touch-field With Siri, however, Apple has succeeded in making the popular voice control.

What is Siri in detail?

Siri is essentially an application for current iPhones that implements voice control. So that means you can control your smartphone with your voice. That works surprisingly well and, above all, quickly and conveniently.

No matter if short messages or appointments in the calendar. Siri can handle it with no problem. But best of all: Siri communicates with you as the user. This means that you don’t just talk on your smartphone. It also responds in a limited way.

How does the voice control work?

The secret behind the Siri voice control is and remains to a large extent Apple’s secret, at least on the technical side. However, the basic functionality can be described as follows:

As a user, you make a verbal input by telling Siri exactly what you want. For example, if you want to send a text message to a friend, all you have to do is say the word, Siri. Or just ask a question like “How will the weather be tomorrow?” – Siri will get started.

Siri accesses the Internet through a data connection and gets the relevant information in the shortest possible time. Of course, your request can only be based locally, such as for the short message described.

Does Siri understand my language?

Whether you have a special accent or dialect is irrelevant to Siri. The voice control recognizes this and can still handle it. Even right after you’ve unpacked your iPhone.

A learning phase for Siri is not necessary, whereby the quality of the speech recognition increases with the frequency of use up to a certain point. So Siri learns about the speech algorithm and gets better.

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