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Five Quick-wins To Effectively Launch Inbound Marketing In The Industry

Are you an industrial company going into inbound marketing? Before embarking on inbound marketing, and industrial company must concentrate its efforts on 5 “quick-wins”, preparing to obtain initial results quickly. In digital marketing, a “quick-win” is an anglicism that designates a minor modification carried out in a digital device (with the resources of the company) and allowing to obtain a marketing gain quickly. Here are five particularly effective ones.

Optimize your SEO on essential pages

Working on SEO for a site takes time. A good quick-win for an industrial company is to select the 2-3 most important pages and get to work on them immediately. To immediately impact your traffic, make sure that the SEO foundations are respected (URL, title pages, meta descriptions, etc.) with the right keywords.

Consider optimizing internal links (between certain pages, between blog articles, etc.). It’s simple, and Google likes it!

Enrich the content of the website

Your industrial visitors do not know you, and this is essential to interest them. It is straightforward to enrich certain crucial pages of the site with informative content. You can also answer the most common questions by creating or improving an FAQ.

Ask your salespeople (or your customers), and you will have rich material that will strengthen your content and allow you to provide relevant answers.

Take stock of its available content

The basis of an inbound marketing strategy in the industry is based on relevant and regularly published content. But before you start writing, an inventory is needed to see more clearly, between obsolete content, those that deserve a refresh and those that are still valid (PDF, brochures, articles, etc.). Then you can easily define the scope to use immediately to “start the machine”.

This audit will also allow you to enrich your blog (if you have one). A CTA (see below) is a lead generation device ready to feed salespeople quickly.

Encourage your visitors to take action with CTAs

Are you an industrialist and want to generate qualified leads? The excellent way remains the CTA (call to action or incentive to act in exchange for contact details). There is material to put a CTA to offer a download in the revised or existing content on the site or certain strategic pages (catalogue, brochure, guide, etc.). It is no longer a question of making them freely accessible but of placing them behind a form, whose design will be carried out with the sales representatives who know what information is needed.

Optimize your distribution channels

Have you enriched your content and want it to be read? First of all, you have to optimize your presence on social networks by determining the most appropriate (s) (generally LinkedIn for the industry). Natural referencing (SEO) will help you, but you also need to ensure it is well distributed.

Then, adjust the publications if necessary, avoiding permanent promotion and providing information. Remember: you can develop your audience by regularly posting relevant content (while encouraging employees to relay it on their page). You can also use your website by putting a promotional insert on the home page and adding an internal link to this content on multiple pages.

Finally, do not hesitate to send an e-mailing to your customer/prospect base, especially if you have not done so for some time. You have something to tell them, and this will allow you to secure or awaken their attention.

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