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What Is iFrame?

The English term iFrame is an HTML element (inline frame) that can integrate another HTML page into the current page.

The English term iFrame is a newer variant of frames. IFrames are embedded frames that, for example, embed images in the content.

The differences between frames and iFrames

In contrast to this are the frames, which result in a division of the screen. The iFrames have the same disadvantages as the frames and are therefore more suitable for integrating the external content so that the other provider permits this.

Attributes in the iFrames

In general, an iFrame comment must always contain a hyperlink or backlink since the content should be traced back to the origin. The other attributes in the HTML element are optional and influence the design or performance on the respective page.

The following attributes are available for iFrames, including the width (width) and height (height), which can be entered in percentages and absolute pixels.

The scroll bar and the frame width have different meanings, so the following commands apply to the scroll bar:

  • Scrolling = “yes” – force scroll bars,
  • Scrolling = “no“ – suppress scroll bars
  • Scrolling = “auto” – automatically, depending on space requirements (is the default setting)

And the frame width

  • Frameborder = “0 ″ – frame not visible
  • Frameborder = “1 ″ – frame visible

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