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Future Of The Media Technology

Computer games are popular all over the world. This industry is actively developing. This is confirmed by the relatively high profitability of the business. The general global computerization of mankind is the main development trend in the field of media culture. It gives you the ability to communicate quickly, get the information you need without leaving your home and keep yourself up to date with a lot of news.

The world of online media

The Internet, mobile devices, e-books, virtual rooms, and social networking communities, as well as computer games, are an integral part of a modern person’s life. The information space is becoming more and more extensive – endless possibilities open up to us. With the advent of digital computer technologies, a lot has changed in modern life.

In the course of the evolution and development of a certain area, a new one emerges at a certain point in time and becomes modern. The emergence of photography led to the development of a new field – the emergence of cinematography. But despite the fact that cinema is a relatively young art form that has been around for more than a century, there was an opportunity to bring about a new type of art – video games. The concept of “new media” has emerged – where cinema is seen as a synthetic form of screen art. Its various components form the basis for new types of modern media culture.

New modern technologies are also emerging in the field of entertainment – the computer video game industry, which is now developing rapidly around the world. The symbiosis of cinematography and the computer video game industry is a pressing issue for researchers today. The modern development and management of interaction processes, therefore, makes it possible to increase the profitability of films in connection with computer video games, which should be of interest for commercial structures in the domestic media market.

Computer video games are not an autonomous sphere that stands out from others in the field of the media business, but an active segment that not only follows all the laws of cinema but also interacts directly with the media sphere. In many countries, the production and distribution of computer games in cooperation with the cinema is a successful and profitable business.

There are also educational games that are based on actionable information that turns the learning process from hard work to fun. It helps children develop focus. For children of younger preschool age, there are educational games without much informational content, and here it is important to work out both the script and the characters. And for school children, learning turns from a heavy burden to an easy and fun journey.

Computer games whose main task is not entertainment but for learning and which are equipped with the following functions: solving logical problems, acquiring skills, are referred to as serious games. Nowadays, computer games are based on the principle of studying a subject and strengthening it with tests. Serious games are a type of computer game with their own rules that are offered as entertainment for business, government training, education, healthcare, propaganda, and strategic mass communication.

Today, computer media are a modern and little-researched type of media culture and business for Germany. A closer study of this phenomenon and modern methods will help stimulate German producers to develop this segment of the audiovisual market more actively, thereby increasing profits from film projects. In order to further develop the field of computer games in collaboration with cinematography, it is necessary to create an integrated technological structure that will attract companies that are already involved in the development of games in the film production phase.

Today the gaming industry is a highly profitable company around the world. In some European countries, it is still in its infancy, which is why the opportunity to make an additional profit is being missed. Because of this, this topic requires further detailed study and development of measures to expand this market segment. The strong business potential of computer games shows us that this sphere of media culture is a serious player in today’s market conditions.

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