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Selling On Amazon – A Challenge Without Reviews

If you want to buy from Amazon, first take a look at the product reviews. But what happens if a product has not yet been rated? As several studies on consumer behavior show, the asterisks assigned to a product have a significant impact on the purchasing behavior of customers. If many four- and five-star ratings affirm the high quality and functionality of an object, online buyers perceive it as positive and popular. On the other hand, they keep their hands off products whose one-star rating triggers negative associations.

Amazon ratings are an important source of information

In Germany, Amazon influences over a third of all purchases. It’s not just because customers rely on the e-commerce giant to shop online. Many loyal customers of the provider first look at the customer ratings for a product before they consider a purchase. For many retailers, this changed buying behavior is increasingly becoming a challenge. Amazon has a massive influence on the business of other retailers, as a study by the IFH in Cologne shows. According to the publication, over 30 percent of sales in German retail are dependent on Amazon.

Not only the group itself and its sales influence the purchasing behavior of customers. The reviews of a product can also help it achieve a major breakthrough or cause it to fall out of favor. The e-commerce company primarily serves as a search engine for various products. With its help, it is possible to get an overview of the offer and to compare prices. Furthermore, the reviews of the products meet with great interest from many shoppers. According to the study, 90 percent of Amazon customers trust the opinions and assessments of other buyers. The Amazons Choice products and bestsellers also receive an enormous trust bonus.

Conversely, this means: Without product reviews, it can be difficult to sell your product – and no matter how good it may be – on Amazon. This creates a vicious circle. If you don’t sell anything, you can’t hope for a positive rating. Without this, however, the chance that buyers will become aware of the product decreases. If retailers do not work on their positioning on Amazon and invest in a good image, this can significantly affect their success. It can be useful, for example, to create a basis for good ratings yourself.

Are missing Amazon ratings a danger for retailers?

Buyers on Amazon find out more about electronic devices such as:

  • Washing machines
  • TV
  • Game consoles

Alternatively, they can get inspiration for products from the leisure and hobby categories. The offers, which can boast many positive reviews, are the first to attract the attention of buyers. This also increasingly applies to products from the “garden and home improvement” segment. Even in the fashion industry, a quarter of the market volume depends on the e-commerce company and the favor of its buyers.

However, caution is also advised with the reviews. If a product is accompanied by a noticeably high number of five-star ratings, attentive customers can be puzzled. Mostly this happens when the hymns of praise appear exaggerated or monosyllabic. If a product is only highly praised, the suspicion of “bought customer opinions” is obvious. Those who don’t want to lose the buyer’s trust need a lion’s share of five- and four-star ratings – but three-star ratings and even one or the other negative opinion shouldn’t be ignored.

If a product is lacking in reviews, the buying interest weakens for several reasons. The few product reviews lead to the question of why the respective offer does not arouse interest. Does the quality leave something to be desired? Is it a fraud? – If buyers cannot rely on other customer opinions, they often keep their hands off products, although they are convincing with their quality and value for money.

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