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What Is Nudging On Facebook?

There is the well-known option “poke” on Facebook. Although many users have seen it several times, they do not know what it is about and how the action is carried out. Doting words shows you where to find the feature and what to use it for.

Facebook knows many ways of contacting people. Posts to pinboards, short messages, chats. The most subliminal type, however, is what is known as “nudging”.

How does the nudge work in Facebook?

In order to poke someone on Facebook, you need to be friends with them. Otherwise, the feature will not be available to you. If so, nudging Facebook is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • First, log into Facebook and then go to your personal profile page. This is the page where you can see your friends on the left. The quickest way to get to this page is to click on your name at the top left after logging in.
  • Go to your friend’s list by clicking on the term “Friends”. You can find it at the top of the chronicle.
  • You will now see a list of your friends. Select the person you’d like to poke and click on their name.
  • You are now on your friend’s profile page. In the upper right area, you can see the symbol of a gear. Click on it.
  • After you have clicked on the gear, a selection menu is available. This includes the point “nudging”.

What do I use the poke on Facebook for?

Nudging Facebook is a rather subliminal way of making contact. It’s about not addressing someone directly, but letting that person know that you are there.

So it is a casual and non-binding way of making contact. Compare the whole thing to a chance meeting where you see a friend from a distance and give each other a short wave, but cannot speak to each other due to other circumstances.

Nudging Facebook is the digital equivalent of this. When you nudge, someone will notice you. She can either wave back by using the poke function on Facebook. Or she ignores your gesture.

When do I use poking on Facebook?

There are some situations in which poking Facebook is better than sending the contact a long message or something like that.

For example, some of these situations would be:

  • You want to reconnect with a friend with who you haven’t spoken in a long time.
  • If you are unsure whether a friend would like to get in touch with you again. If the person does not react, for example by nudging or writing to you, you will know.
  • You can also use the nudge on Facebook if you just want to say “Hello” for a moment.
  • When you are close to the person, the nudge can mean that you miss the person right now, that you are thinking about them, and that you want to be with them

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