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How A Corporate Blog Boosts Your Company’s Success!

A corporate blog is a great way to better market the corporate website, to rank better in search engines and to be found more easily by the target group, and ultimately to build up a consistent customer network. We give you tips on how your business blog pushes your startup!

What is a corporate blog?

The term weblog, or blog for short, was created by combining the words web (network) and log (logbook, diary). Someone who runs a blog and is referred to as a blogger. The term and popularity of blogging dates back to 1997. Blogs are often run by private individuals and/or by experts in a specific field.

In addition, the corporate blog is very common, which means a blog that is operated by a company. The responsible employees write blog posts (articles, graphics, videos, etc.) and publish them at regular intervals. Most blog readers can rate and comment on the posts. This way you can get in touch with your target persons interactively.

What do I have to consider with a corporate blog?

Private bloggers usually write about topics that are close to their hearts and about which they have a great deal of specialist knowledge – and run their blog less to specifically recruit blog readers.

The aim of a corporate blog is, in turn, to reach a very specific target group, to address them and to motivate them to buy the company’s product/service. A corporate blog should also convey a positive feeling about the company and offer the readers specialist knowledge and added value.

Corporate blogs as a marketing tool for companies and startups

Corporate blogs are specifically incorporated into the marketing strategy of many companies. A company blog helps to give the company a face, to convey what values ​​it stands for and what its areas of expertise are.

For example, founders of a new e-commerce shop can enhance their online shop with a corporate blog. In addition to the product descriptions and the product purchase option, the e-commerce shop offers interesting matching articles, valuable tips and other information with added value.

A technology shop can report on news in the tech industry and a food shop can offer recipes – there are no limits to creativity here.

Mixing different social media is also profitable. For example, you can insert videos from your YouTube channel in your blog and in turn refer to your blog in your YouTube videos. This is how you reach interested parties on the different channels and offer viewers varied and inspiring content.

Someone who visits and leaves your business page feeling good is more likely to buy, come back, and recommend your page to friends.

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Corporate blogs ensure good search engine rankings

Corporate blogs are also used as a well-functioning SEO tool (search engine optimization tool) . One should consider which keywords the desired target group would enter into the Google search field and which information could offer them added value.

You write your blog articles around these keywords and the specified specialist knowledge/topics/topics. This in combination with regular and frequent content publication leads to a better ranking in the search engines – so that your company/startup is found by the target group, gains awareness and develops into a successful endeavor.

With a corporate blog, it is important that you use it regularly and manage it well. As soon as the Google algorithms notice that nothing is happening on this blog anymore, you will automatically drop down in the Google ranking – and logically (potential) customers would (soon) find your blog boring if there was no new and/or current content appearing.

Make the people behind the company tangible with a corporate blog

A corporate blog is also a good way to make the people behind the company/startup visible. It is always easier for customers to identify with personalities than with a company.

Companies and startups can also use their corporate blog to introduce the founders behind it and to give an insight into the everyday work of the employees.

For example, in a food store, the background of the founders and their sustainable beliefs about the quality of the products can convince – as can an insight into the manufacture of the products.

What types of corporate blogs are there?

Service blog

A service blog offers customers an additional service in addition to the actual product, for example recipes from food stores or handicraft instructions from an artist shop. There are no limits to creativity here.

Themed blog

A topic blog is limited to a main topic and can then offer a wide variety of guides, articles, podcasts, videos, pictures, quizzes, shop integrations, etc. around this topic.

By limiting it to one main topic, you can specifically address, reach and bind your target group . In this way you can profile your company/startup as an expert and offer blog readers added value.

Blog visitors* have the opportunity to immerse themselves completely in their universe of interests in a themed blog. It is important here that you make sure that the readers are also led to buy your product or service.

Customer Relationship Blog

A customer relationship blog is mainly maintained to establish a relationship with customers and thus create identification and a bond with the company. A corporate blog is a great way to build a customer network, a community.

Anyone who manages to build and maintain a good community will be successful in the market in the long term.

Campaign blog

Campaign blog: Larger advertising campaigns usually have their own landing page or a campaign blog, which is only operated for the duration of the campaign.

Here you can find all the information about the product, manufacturing process, possible uses and many other interactive and creative solutions.

A campaign blog is part of a marketing strategy designed to reach, engage, engage, and engage with audiences, and eventually motivate them to buy.

Conclusion – corporate blog for target group acquisition and buyer retention

A corporate blog is therefore a great opportunity to address the target group, to win them over, to persuade them to buy and to bind them in the long term. Incidentally, a corporate blog with added value motivates customers to share with friends – virtual word of mouth is one of the most valuable keys to corporate success.

A corporate blog takes a lot of time to be successful and has to be run continuously in order not to lose the achievements again.

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