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Five Solutions To Monetize Your Cooking Blog

Keeping a cooking blog allows you to express your passion and share tips and recipes. The culinary arts and gastronomy success offers clear potential to monetize its high value-added content. What are the solutions to monetize your blog?

Advertising, a significant source of income

An advertising network allows you to generate money by authorizing the appearance of promotional spots on your blog. Most of the solutions available match the blog’s theme to provide a relevant offer to readers. The most popular advertiser remains Google AdSense.

Integrate an affiliate program

In the same vein, it is possible to join affiliate programs. Again, it is a question of “renting” spaces of its site (generally in the framework) to display advertisements. This is a partnership with an e-commerce site whose remuneration is made by a commission after a purchase.

Create and sell your products

A blog section can be provided to develop its online store. For a cooking blog, the creation of e-books allows you to compile your articles in the form of a book. Eventually, the sale of kitchen utensils can be considered.

Offer a paid subscription

This solution requires having already important content. In addition, it is necessary to feed your blog daily. Against payment, subscribed readers must also take advantage of specific benefits, such as videos, exclusives, or even free goodies.

Include photos to increase the number of visits

Whatever solutions are considered, this implies a significant number of visits. To improve its visibility on the web, illustration by quality images and snapshots is essential. There are food photography specialists online who offer a wide variety of themes. Some photo agencies also take charge of specific orders.

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