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How Life During The Pandemic Has Accustomed Citizens To Telehealth And What This Means For The Digital Health Boom

Many have been the things that have changed in the daily lives of citizens during the coronavirus crisis. The need to reduce movements and implement measures to curb contagion has led them to consume more entertainment from home or buy more online, patterns that have not disappeared once the health crisis has lessened. It has also been the catalyst for them to try new services, such as telehealth, which has had an unexpected opportunity to convince patients of its benefits.

Trapped in their homes – and receiving recommendations to avoid approaching hospitals unless necessary – citizens agreed to be attended electronically and solve their less serious doubts using technological tools.

This increased use of eHealth has led citizens to become more familiar with it and be much more open to using telemedicine shortly. Several startups are already beginning to position themselves in the market by offering these services, and the traditional healthcare network itself – both public and private – is working in that direction.

Estimates of the value of the global digital health market point as the segment will reach 500,000 million dollars by 2024, exceeding previous expectations.

Therefore, the great challenge of the digital health industry is not so much to convince citizens to use it as to adapt the infrastructure to the challenges of the moment.

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