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Tips To An Effective Study

Motivation and desire are often not enough to obtain the best results in the study. Luckily, there are a series of tips or keys that will help you achieve efficient research. Stay to know them!

Tips to get a compelling study

Create a routine

Define your study schedule and stick to it. There may be days when you consider that you have nothing to do or do not feel like spending those hours studying. You must be strong. Even when you have your study assignments ahead of time, you mustn’t lose the habit. Success needs consistency!

Plan your study

Now that you know the schedule you will dedicate to your training, establish the time allocated to each topic or subject. Evaluate your due dates and the specific needs of each issue to organize yourself. Setting goals will make you focus on following them; therefore, if you distribute your study into small, easy-to-reach plans, you will achieve progress without feeling overwhelmed.

Although many of us are responsible and spend a lot of time studying, we are not effective. One of the reasons is that we do not plan the hours we dedicate; that is, we are not productive. In that case, we recommend two actions in your way of organizing yourself. The first modulates your time management, for example, working in blocks. There are various techniques, such as the Pomodoro, in 25-minute intervals, but there are many others; adopt the one that best reflects your behavior. The second action that I propose is more general: a system to organize and manage your time. One of the most used is the GTD, in which you record your pending tasks or activities so that they do not distract you when carrying them out or occupy a place in your head, which you need to assimilate knowledge. ValueDownload our ebook on time management after reading this summary article.

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Create summary sheets

Synthesize the information and do not include in your diagrams anything other than the main ideas. Think of it this way, if you were allowed to attend an exam with your notes, how much of all your material would you be able to capture in the time that the test lasts? Sometimes we force ourselves to memorize information that is irrelevant at the moment. Do not let your brain have to do the work of summarizing everything you know during the exam, do that work before, that is, study only what is necessary.

Do not get distracted

We know it is not that easy to carry out, but we have the keys to achieve it:


According to experts, if your study area is in order, so will your cognitive schemas and internal ideas. Create a suitable study environment. You will be able to focus on what is essential.


Please do not lose sight of what it is that leads you to study. Keeping your goals in mind will help you be assertive.


Of course, you must take breaks and eat correctly so that, when studying, you can be centered. Every hour and a half of study, take five minutes of respite. Use this time to rest your eyes and mind, do some stretching, take a walk and, above all, hydrate yourself sufficiently.

Explain the lesson to yourself

Each time you finish reading, explain to yourself what you have read. In this way, you will be able to consolidate your knowledge, and you will find yourself with doubts that you can solve by rereading what you have not understood or looked at other sources for what your notes do not answer. You can do it by playing; gamification is very much in vogue. By downloading an application such as Cerebriti or Kahoot, you can create quizzes and other very fun games with which you can play alone or with partners and learn almost without realizing it.

In short, what you must achieve in your study hours is: understand what you have read, retain the most relevant information and interpret that information so that you can apply it.

Reading aloud, making your notes, writing down your doubts, or knowing and applying different learning strategies (color hierarchy, mind maps, keywords, problem-solving, diagrams …) will help you achieve your training goals. However, success only depends on one thing: that you want to do it!

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