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LinkedIn: What Jobs Are Booming?

Linkedin, the professional social network par excellence, has identified 25 jobs that have not stopped growing in the last five years. These are professional positions that respond to the challenges posed by climate change, cyber threats and the need to boost business growth.

These employment opportunities are reflected in the list of Jobs on the rise prepared by LinkedIn News Spain , which offers a very clear vision to workers about the key sectors in which to look for jobs with a lot of long-term potential. The report also includes information to guide them in their professional career, help them identify the most in-demand skills and the availability of remote positions for each of them.

The labor landscape evolves every day, and requires agile profiles that have the ability to adapt to changing needs and the uncertain situations that we experience. In this new edition of the Jobs on the Rise 2023 list, we can see how employees related to cybersecurity, sales, the logistics, financial and sustainability sectors are the ones with the most professional opportunities. For this reason, workers need to focus their efforts on acquiring new knowledge and skills related to these positions: only then will they be able to boost their career and achieve their work goals.

Jobs that will lead the labor market this year:

  • Sales specialist
  • Account executive
  • Cybersecurity analyst
  • Growth manager
  • Sustainability consultant
  • Business Development Manager
  • Logistics expert
  • Customer Relations Manager
  • Reliability engineer
  • Artificial intelligence engineer

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