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Lose The Fear Of Writing The First Post Of Your Blog

Although there are millions of editors who write daily and have little hesitation when it comes to blogging, there is something that goes unnoticed.

When we write and publish our first post, we are tempted by a class of stage concerns and fears related to the idea of: “I never wrote,” “nobody will understand me,” “I will not be able,” or “Why will they read me?

Those same fears do not allow us to see further and are the same that any of us feels when we try to write our first publication or carry out any other activity before an audience that will listen, read or observe us.

This article is structured around the following 3 points:

  1. How to lose the fear of writing your first post.
  2. Analyze the needs of your target audience.
  3. Nobody knows your company better than you.

How to lose the fear of writing your first post

Depending on the degree of connection we have with the audience, we will reach a greater or lesser number of readers, amplifying our appeal as editors to improve our quality of expression. Our quality of expression improves by flooding us with reading.

To describe correctly, we should first consider the different possibilities to express an idea or opinion, narrate a story or write a news item or event.

Perhaps the main and at the same time essential is to ask beforehand if we like to write frequently about an exciting topic, considering the possibility that at certain moments we have the feeling that we are running out of ideas or even the topic is no longer available. More. Many times it is about expressing the same thing but from different points of view. After all, we all know that a story changes depending on whether one person or another tells it.

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Most readers are unconsciously potential writers whose nature is like an hourglass: the more they read, the more predisposed they are to writing. The most seasoned readers of any publication are natural devourers of any publication because they care about the information and pay attention to the expression, how the person they are reading writes or writes, regardless of the date or, at times, authorship.

When reading, we inform ourselves, but we enter a world of new ideas that, after being read, suggest others that are connected to the first but are already ours because they are the result of our reflection and thought. At the moment in which what we read suggests other ideas that are already our own, that is where the path of writing begins, and we only need a pencil and paper or keyboard, an index or related structure and try to make the first draft of what will be our first post.

It is no coincidence that the ability to speak is cultivated with reading. This is not always the case, but I do not know anyone fond of reading and expresses himself incorrectly, either orally or in writing. Thus, a previous reading on the subject that we will deal with and a way of narrating faithful to the way we think will help us connect and identify with the audience uniquely and originally. Therefore, the easier it is for us to be remembered.

In summary, and to enter the wonderful world of making our first publication, it is advisable that we consider reading as a fundamental piece to know how to direct our written expression to the appropriate audience.

Analyze the needs of your target audience

If we want to endure and grow as a company, we must know what our target audience’s needs are in a changing environment. The digital transformation and the dynamics of social networks force us to give agile responses to these changes.

The current pandemic has only deepened these changes and convinced both consumers and entrepreneurs of the benefits of having a digital market integrated into our day-to-day lives. The companies that have performed the best are those that have best understood the needs of customers.

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On the other hand, the development of the digital market had meant in the field of recruitment and employment the possibility of having resources that, before the pandemic, the employer was unaware of or discarded: teleworking. Currently, the employer can hire to work in the company or teleworking, that is, working connected to the network and the company’s programming through platforms without the need to be in the office in person, thus expanding the job market possibilities for both employers and workers.

In the current context, the employer must know the new needs of the teleworker, the consumer and the client to respond to their current changes and demands.

Nobody knows your company better than you

The product, characteristics and catalog are known in detail by the owner and head of the company.

The company must publish content according to the client’s needs. The product is a response to this need, and the content is another quality of the product and the company’s image. We must analyze the client’s needs to offer them content that interests them.

The significant advance that content marketing has meant makes writing, style, and communication essential in the company’s identification, projection, and image.

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