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The Most Useful Google Assistant Commands

The Google Assistant is probably the best there is for phones. Time and again, it has shown that it is much more capable than Siri, so we will show you how to get the most out of it with the most useful commands of Google Assistant.

You can remember what to buy with them, take a nap, play games, put on music, and much more.

Of course, always remember first to use: “Ok, Google” to run the wizard and listen to the commands that we will see.

Play your favorite music with Google Assistant

One of the most useful commands in Google Assistant is to tell it to play a song or your favorite artist. It couldn’t be easier, and you have to say:

“Put (artist name)” or: “Put (song name).”

Thus, if you put the artist, Google Assistant will search for a popular song and put it, or it will directly play the music you tell it.

By default, it will do it on YouTube, but you can link your Spotify account on your mobile so that it is the default application that you use when you want to put music.

Linking Spotify to Google Assistant is very easy because, if you haven’t already, you will get a warning at the top of the screen the first time saying that you can link your account. Tapping on it takes you to the screen to do so, and you have to click on the Spotify icon (or your favorite music application from the options that appear).

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Ask Google Assistant to wake you up or notify you of something

If you want to take a quick nap, you can tell the assistant, “Wake me up in 15 minutes,” and he will set the alarm for then.

You can also put up notices and reminders very quickly by saying, “Remind me to call home at four in the afternoon tomorrow.”

It is best to use natural language to speak with the assistant and clarify the hours well so that they do not notify you at four in the morning.

Purchase with Google Assistant

If you are one of those who never have a shopping list and then come back forgetting everything, you can make that purchase with Google Assistant. For that, when you remember that you have to buy something, you can say:

“Put (product) on the shopping list.” So if you say, “Put milk on your shopping list,” it will.

And how to see this list? Very easy, you also ask him saying: “Show me the shopping list.”

Google Assistant understands the language better and better, so you can use synonyms, such as: “Show me the shopping list.”

Play with Google Assistant

If you don’t know, Google Assistant has games to pass the time and more and more. So if you’re bored, you can say “Let’s play a game,” and it will show you a list of the ones it has.

If you know the game’s name, you can say it directly. For example: “Let’s play Akinator.”

Other useful Google Assistant commands

The Google Assistant improves every day and adds features all the time. In addition, the capacity for understanding is increasing, and the language you have to use is the same as with a person. So, for example you can:

  • Know when your favorite team plays: “When does (team name) play?”
  • Open an application: “Open (application name).”
  • The weather: «What will the weather be like in Madrid tomorrow?».
  • Be aware of what is happening: “Tell me the news.”

As you can see, soon, we will be able to do everything with the Google Assistant. Until then, use these commands and get the most out of it.

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