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Plasma, LED or LCD? Which Is Best?

If you want to buy a television today, you have to pay attention to many things. The hardest part, however, is deciding whether it should be an LED, LCD, or plasma television. We have summarized the most important technical aspects of the devices to make your decision easier.

If you want to buy a television set today, it is extremely difficult. The market is filled with attractive offers. However, there are many factors that at first glance are relevant to very few buyers. For example, the question of what screen technology the TV set should have. Plasma, LCD, or LED?

The decision for or against one of these systems is anything but a question of faith. Rather, it has a lasting effect on quality.

How big should your TV be?

Depending on the size of the future television set you want, it may be advantageous to prefer a certain technology. The larger the screen, the more likely it is to switch to plasma devices. In general, you will only find plasma devices above a certain screen diagonal.

But even with LCD or LED televisions, you can easily get a full HD resolution. In principle, the choice of technology does not play a major role here. Whether LCD, LED, or plasma, Full HD is possible on each of the devices.

Image quality in detail

The choice becomes much more difficult when it comes to image quality. If you want to buy a small television set, plasma televisions are sometimes out of the running. It is precisely these devices that currently offer you by far the best image quality.

In second place are LED televisions, although these are rarely real “LED televisions”. As a rule, these are LCD televisions that are illuminated with LEDs. The image quality visually increases noticeably.

LCD televisions bring up the rear in terms of image quality. However, the bottom line should not be misunderstood. The image quality is almost always very good. Weaknesses are hardly noticeable to the untrained eye. However, if you put a plasma television next to an LCD television, you will see the difference.

Plasma, LED, and LCD in the price check

Anyone who buys a new television set is often surprised by the offers from major electronics discounters such as Media Markt and Saturn. Today, large televisions hardly cost more than 500 euros.

Of course, these are special offers and also image techniques.

In terms of price, it can be said that plasma televisions are by far the most expensive televisions. Here you can easily invest four-digit amounts. Only a real OLED television would actually be more expensive.

The ranking is followed by LCD televisions with LED lighting and finally simple LCD TVs, which you can purchase for a low three-digit amount depending on the screen size.

Bonuses on LCD, LED, and plasma

Each type of television has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is therefore difficult to say exactly which television set is particularly suitable for which user. Some devices individually offer more connections, other points with lower power consumption. Nevertheless, we will give you a rough guide:

  • Plasma TV: Are you ready to spend a larger amount and high power consumption does not matter to you? In addition, do you primarily use the device in dark rooms, are you looking at the device from different angles, and would like a visual highlight? Then a plasma television is your first choice.
  • LCD TVs with LED Lighting: If you’re looking for a good balance between expensive plasma TVs and cheap LCD TVs, you’ve come to the right place. Here you are making an acceptable compromise between performance hunger and image quality.
  • LCD TV: You want your TV set to be affordable above all? Then you can’t avoid an LCD television. These devices are now primarily sold, which has led to very low prices. The picture quality is not necessarily worse than with other types, but some LCD TVs have their problems, especially in dark rooms.
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