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Sadio Mane’s Journey From Africa To Liverpool

His journey is Humbling. Although he comes from a very poor background, Sadio Mane was able to defy fate and become a professional football player. Even better, he became one of the best players in the world. Here is the Journey of Sadio Mane from Africa to Liverpool.

“I was born in a village and in a very religious family. My father who was an Imam, they didn’t want me to play football”. And yet, it is football that has allowed Mane to climb the ladder. “But it was what I wanted most in life, to become a professional player. I remember, when I lived in the village, I always played football. Sometimes, I didn’t go to school. Unhappy, he would always hit me”.

Highly motivated young Sadio Mane bravely took a chance. “When I was 15, I secretly ran away to go to Dakar. No one knew”. Problem is nothing went as planned. His first training away from home was a nightmare. Because of his poor background people looked down on him.

They made fun of his clothes but he was undeterred by how other people perceived him. Quite the opposite, “ I will never forget that time when a man older than me stared at me as if I’d come to the wrong place. He asked me if I was here for the tryouts. When I said yes, he asked me why I wasn’t wearing proper clothes. Why I wasn’t wearing football shorts? So I told him I’d only come here to play football.”

Once on the field it didn’t take long for Mane to shine. In a matter of minutes he proved he was far better than the others. “I saw the look of surprise on the coach’s face. At the end of the tryouts he came to see me and told me he wanted me on the team right away”. On that day, everything changed for Sadio. In spite of his family’s reluctance he took his future into his own hands to become a football player.

“I had to work hard and make sacrifices in order to achieve my dream”. His sacrifices have paid off. Today, Mane is among the best players in the world and he’s earned the respect of all.


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