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The Importance Of Context In Advertising

The context in which an advertisement is a broadcast can increase its memorization by up to 40%.

Integral Ad Science has just published the results of The Context Effect, its latest biometric study on the importance of context in advertising.

The impact of the advertising context

In The Context Effect study, consumers rated content across three categories of the contextual match. Here are the key findings that can help advertisers maximize the impact of their ads.

Ads that fit into context are easier to remember

Ads that fit into the context or that line-up and match those that snap to a vertical topic ( for example, an automotive ad near automotive content ) resulted in a 23% increase in l activation of the part of the brain responsible for pragmatic memory, which includes key messages, calls to action and branding elements.

These ads also boosted overall memory by 27%, which is the ability to memorize generic themes, global narratives, or audio and visual elements.

Information ads work best when paired with an article’s key message

According to the study results, associating informative ads with an article’s message creates a robust memory response with a 36% increase in memorization of details versus no recall. Correspondence.

This can be especially relevant for campaigns that focus on a clear call to action that brands want consumers to respond to.

Ads focused on emotional response are best paired with content themes

Ads that aim to leave an emotional imprint, particular sentiment, or overall brand perception among consumers performed best when placed alongside items with a corresponding theme ( for example, an ad with a seasonal summer theme adjacent to summer content ).

The study found that emotional ads generated 40% higher overall memory in articles with a matched topic than in cases without a match.

Consumers recognize ads as part of their online experience

The vast majority of consumers (63%) considered ads to be an integral part of their online reading and not a disruption or distraction.

Only 36% of participants said they scrolled through an ad without reading it.

These results, therefore, show that digital marketers can improve brand recall and elicit positive emotional reactions in consumers by activating contextual strategies.

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