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UX Tips That Will Help The Quality Of Your Website

The experience visitors have on your website will affect not only conversion rates, but also their overall impression of your brand. It must have cost you a lot of effort to get visitors to your website, so the last thing you want is to lose these potential clients. Quality design does not consist only in beautiful elements, but especially in their deployment when creating your website, web application or e-shop. Create your pages in such a way that the visitor can easily navigate them and guide him to the desired destination as comfortably as possible.

That is why, when designing and creating your website or e-shop, pay attention to the following important factors:

Website speed

Web visitors are more impatient than ever! They expect pages to load in seconds and don’t care about excuses about a bad connection or video size. Many researches show that if web pages take more than 2-3 seconds to load, you will quickly reduce your conversion rate and traffic to other web pages. Some studies show that just a two-second delay increased the bounce rate by up to 87 percent.

Have you ever noticed how fast websites like Amazon, eBay or AliExpress load? They invest considerable resources in their own servers and code optimization to achieve such speed. Amazon’s studies show that if their site were to slow down for just one second, they would lose up to $1.6 billion in sales annually. One of the best things you can do for your UX is to focus on page speed so that your visitors are happy and spend on your site and not your competition. Even Google itself will appreciate it in the search results (SERP).

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A clear goal

Do you have a clear goal for your website? Is it selling directly on the E-shop, contacting your company via a form on the website or reading as many articles as possible? Direct your visitor where you want and don’t let him wander on your pages.

Focus on the correct use of CTA (Call-to-action) elements. Texts like “Shop now”, “Write to us” or “Read more” will help you direct your visitor to where you want. The best way to achieve this is to limit the amount of information and distracting elements on the landing pages and keep the website clear. The landing page design itself should be focused on communicating the main idea and goals of this landing page. Show the visitor the path to take on your site and thus increase your conversions.


The use of mobile devices with Internet access is a matter of course today, which cannot be ignored in the digital world. By adjusting its algorithm, Google itself prefers websites that are adapted for use on mobile devices – “Mobile first pages”.

In addition to SEO, however, responsiveness also plays a big role in usability tests – the use of websites by visitors. Well-tuned responsiveness of your website increases the conversion rate and gives visitors a good feeling when using it. If you ignore this “must have” functionality, you are voluntarily losing your customers.

Easily “scannable” content

With the growing number of internet mobile connections, website traffic from mobile devices also increases automatically. People are often in a hurry or just too lazy to read your content in detail, so they look for a lot of information just by quickly “scanning” the text. Make sure that the text on your websites is well structured, easy to read and don’t forget to highlight the supporting information. Make life easier for your visitors.

Listen to your visitors

Track, rate and optimize your website. Thanks to a number of analytical tools, you can monitor the behavior of your visitors and adjust your content or design to achieve your goals better. Tools like Google Analytics and HotJar will provide you with a lot of important data.

Pictures – Videos – Podcasts

Visual content is much easier to consume than traditional written text. Use images or videos on your web pages so that your visitors can more easily understand what the given text is about. Visual content will “humanize” your website, enliven boring text and offer faster communication of information. Remember not to overdo it with visual content and always try to keep your site easy to understand.

If you have the opportunity, process your videos/vlogs also in the form of podcasts. People have less and less time and appreciate that they can also consume information in this form. Take a look at platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify or Buzzsprout.

Fix broken lines

Over time, links on your website may change or be removed for various reasons. Whatever the reason for your links not working, when a visitor clicks on a broken link they will end up on a blank page and feel lost. While you definitely want to avoid 404 errors, unfortunately sometimes that’s not possible.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to fix broken links. First, if you run your site on the WordPress platform, install one that will alert you to such broken links so you can fix them in peace. Second, create your own redirect or 404 error page. One of the biggest problems with a 404 page is that visitors feel lost and don’t know how to proceed on the site. On such a customized page, offer them more options for what they can do on your website. Show them your work, the latest articles or let them read something about your company. It is always good if you explain to the visitor why the 404 page is displayed at all, because not everyone knows these error codes.

Every website is different, as are its visitors. What applies to one may not always apply to another. Therefore, it is important to constantly test and optimize in order to achieve the highest possible conversions and not lose your customers.

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