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What Is Web 3.0?

As this does not stop and technology passes us by, we have decided to briefly explain what it is that you may have heard is coming: web 3.0.

But what is that of web 3.0? let’s review

Web 1.0 was those of the 90s where there was only information, without images and saturated. However, web 2.0 , from 1999, already allowed the user to interact. Over the years, it was what enabled the creation of social networks, the proliferation of sound and video, and conversation in general.

Web 3.0 , which is still in progress, will be the free web. It will allow us to really own what we write in web services, which will evolve into a fully decentralized system.

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What characterizes web 3.0?

To better understand web 3.0 , it is necessary to understand three concepts or technologies that make it possible.

Semantic web

It is the semantic evolution of the world wide web (www). The web as we know it so far is based on html, url and http standards, which use markup languages, address descriptions and transmission protocols to structure the data, but for which the rest of the content is distributed in an unstructured way.

In the semantic web, computer programs extract meaning when data from existing or new content is structured and machine-readable. In order to be readable and understood, they must follow specific rules and classifications, be encoded in the form of outline markers and markers within the page. In this way, the programs are capable of distinguishing polysemic concepts on a website such as plants (part of the foot, level of a building, living plant being,…).

Blockchain technology

Its initial goal was to make cryptocurrency transactions more secure , but it was found that it would also be more useful in general use. It is a single registry network where all the nodes (connection points connected to other nodes that send and receive connected data) have a copy protected with cryptographic techniques.

What characterizes the blockchain is that the information that is transmitted is passed and stored with very high levels of security that prevent the free alteration of data, ensuring transparency and privacy.

P2P services

It is a network made up of parts that act autonomously (there is no single point of control) and respond to a communication protocol and common consensus, so that the members of the network exchange information directly, without intermediaries.

To these technologies we must add others that are more familiar to us such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

What benefits does web 3.0 bring?

  • Security and reliability: it will guarantee that users have continuous control over their data online through the use of decentralized networks.
  • Privacy: In web 3.0 you don’t have to provide a real world identity to deploy or interact with a dApp. Storing the data on the blockchain makes it immutable.
  • Freedom: decentralization offers high resistance to censorship.
  • Personalization: Web 3.0 will understand the preferences of users when browsing, which will make browsing more productive over time.
  • It allows you to sell better: with the help of artificial intelligence, it allows you to better understand the purchase needs, so that you will show products and services that you are really interested in buying. The ads will be more relevant and more likely to reach the sale.
  • Services without interruptions: as the data is stored in web servers and blockchain nodes, the service is continuous and without interruptions.

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