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How To Do SEO On YouTube And Gain Views

YouTube is a platform that has more than 1.7 billion unique visitors per month. However, maybe you have opened your channel and you have very few reproductions, right? That’s because you’re probably not working on YouTube SEO. Today we are going to explain what this consists of and how you can do it to better position your channel.

As you surely know, SEO is the set of optimization strategies that you have at your disposal to position your content in the first places of the search engines. Until now, we had heard about SEO in blogs and web pages. However, it is a tool that you can also use on YouTube.

SEO for YouTube: really?

Working on SEO is of vital importance for your YouTube channel. Not surprisingly, it will allow you to better position your videos , achieve more visibility, generate more visitor traffic and, therefore, get more reproductions and subscribers. The videos that you publish on this platform therefore need a series of SEO techniques so that they reach a greater number of people.

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What to take into account to do SEO on YouTube?

But of course, as with any web page, you must take into account a series of factors that are considered essential for SEO on YouTube to be most effective. Here, among others, the keywords, the title and description of the video, the tags, the subtitles and the transcriptions and the engagement that you use will come into play.


The use of keywords is basic to better position your videos. These words define the content of your video and briefly show what is in it. You can explore what are the most popular searches that users make to focus your videos on those keywords . These keywords should always be included in the video file to position it even before uploading it to the platform.

Video title and description

The title should summarize the content of the video in order to attract attention and respond to possible user searches. A title that, on the other hand, must include the keyword and have an extension of between 60 and 100 characters.

In the description you must also include the keyword and other related ones. Here you have to get to the point and without forcing the description so as not to cause the opposite effect and that Google penalizes your SEO on YouTube.

Use of tags

The tags or labels work as a keyword so that YouTube can recognize the category and theme of the video. The platform gives you the possibility to add up to 500 characters in the labels. The main thing is that you always include the keyword and other related ones from a semantic point of view. On the internet there are different tools that can help you create the best tags and labels for YouTube .

Subtitle and transcribe

Subtitles on YouTube are an excellent tool to reach a larger audience. If you include subtitles and transcribe your video, Google will reward your SEO work on YouTube with a better positioning, which translates into greater visibility. Perhaps you think that it is a somewhat complex task, but in the long run you will see the results with more reproductions and more subscribers in less time.

Boost engagement

Engagement is the interaction you have with your users . A way to demonstrate, both to visitors and to Google’s algorithms, that your account is fully active. Keep in mind that Google not only gives importance to the number of views of a video, but also to the time that users spend on your channel. If you interact with them, that time will probably increase and your channel will rank much better.

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