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What Is A Gaming PC?

Not every computer is suitable for playing games. The more complex the graphics, the more power the computer needs to play the game in an appealing way and without interruptions. Often the standard hardware is not enough to transfer high-resolution games ideally.

In particular, elaborate first-person shooters or open-world role-playing games require high-performance hardware, a fast graphics card, and sufficient memory. This is where gaming PCs come into play, characterized by exceptionally high-performance thanks to specially adapted hardware. These computers are specially designed for demanding and computationally intensive games and thus enable extremely comfortable gaming fun.

An essential component of a gaming PC

The processor is the heart of the gaming PC. This carries out all graphically relevant calculations and controls the main memory and many other components. A gaming PC should have at least one processor with four cores, the so-called “quad-core” processor, to carry out the fast calculations.

Another critical component is the graphics card. It ensures attractive graphics in high resolution. The most powerful graphics cards currently available on the market include the latest cards from NVidia and AMD. A graphics PC operated with multiple screens may make it necessary to use more than one such graphics card. By the way, these components are not of much use by themselves – sufficient RAM is also required here.

In addition, it is essential to generally have enough storage space on the gaming PC since graphically very complex games can quickly take up several gigabytes. We recommend a storage space of at least one or two terabytes to accommodate all games on the hard drive for gaming enthusiasts. If the memory is no longer sufficient, an external hard drive can help to transfer the existing games.

Gaming PC: The right accessories

The right accessories are also part of a perfect gaming PC: A particular gaming mouse ensures lightning-fast reactions, while a suitable keyboard ensures optimal movement sequences. In addition, you should buy a high-resolution monitor, ideally with full HD, to fully enjoy the advantages of a high-performance graphics card.

Gaming PCs: inexpensive models through to exclusive premium equipment

High-quality gaming PCs are available in many different price ranges. Cheap models are already available at a few hundred euros, while the most influential models can cost up to 3000 euros. Renowned brands of gaming PCs are, for example, Lenovo, CSL, and Syrian.

But it doesn’t always have to be a “finished” gaming computer. It is often worthwhile to assemble the powerful computer yourself from the necessary components. Some internet shops such as make it possible to create the gaming PC from individual, self-selected members and have it professionally built according to personal preferences.

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