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What You Should Know Before Choosing The Gaming Chair

Now we spend more and more time at home, sitting to work, study or play in front of the PC and console. If we do not want to get up every time with back pain and pain in the whole body, we must equip ourselves with a chair specially created to ensure maximum comfort and ergonomics in these situations. With a correct posture, in fact, not only can damage to the spine and other parts of the body be avoided, but the ability to concentrate and fully immerse oneself in the activity is increased.

It is an accessory of which today there are many models designed for every user’s need. Anyone who spends hours sitting should think about buying an office or gaming chair, specially made to ensure a comfortable, comfortable, and correct seat.

In today’s article, we will look at the main factors to look at and what you should know before choosing the right gaming chair for you. If you are considering the purchase, then read the article to find interesting ideas that will help you in your choice.

How to choose the right gaming chair

Anyone who spends most of the day in front of the computer or console knows how important it is to have a comfortable seat not to have back and limb problems. In these cases, a gaming or office chair is an ideal ally to have at home.

Prices can start from just over 100 euros, while the best gaming chairs can even exceed 1000, depending on the chair’s extras, materials, and features. However, it is not always necessary to spend a fortune to acquire a valid model.

In choosing this accessory, you must be based on the cost, but there are several characteristics to pay attention to. Let’s see the main elements to look at when you want to buy a dedicated armchair.

Ergonomics and comfort

The backrest is one of the essential elements: this must be adjustable in the most comfortable angles for a player. Today, even models allow you to lie down and take a few minutes off from the game.

It is also necessary to evaluate the seat, softness, and comfort of the support and the possibility of adjusting the armrests or the headrest is a great advantage when looking for a comfortable seat for long hours.

An essential element is the presence or absence of a lumbar pillow which is very useful for maintaining correct posture, as you can read in this in-depth article. Thanks to this accessory, you can avoid severe pain in the lumbar area, stiffening of the back, and other ailments affecting the back.

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Materials in which it is built

One of the critical aspects to look at is the material the chair is made of. It is always better to have a skeleton and metal elements because they are much more resistant and durable than plastic. You must also pay close attention to the material with which it is coated.

Generally, the models on the market can be in

Fabric, the most used material because it has an excellent quality/price ratio, is quite resistant, super breathable, and soft.

PU or PVC synthetic leather. The first is made of polyurethane, very resistant to both wear and water. On the other hand, the one in PVC is also resistant to fire and stains (ideal if you have a snack during the game). They are not as durable as genuine leather, but they are cheaper.

Genuine leather of animal origin is one of the most resistant and can last a lifetime. Genuine leather, instead of degrading, usually improves with age and is very breathable.

Mesh, a material, always synthetic, that is exceptionally comfortable and breathable.

The upholstery is essential, and the choice must be made carefully based on how the chair is used, the environment, and the player’s habits.

Resistance and robustness

Those who invest in buying a gaming chair want an armchair that will last them a lot. This is why it is essential to choose a resistant product.

The materials used in the construction (which we will discuss shortly) play a fundamental role in resistance, but you must also pay attention to your chosen model. The more parts are made of steel and various alloys, the stronger and longer the chair will last, but it will also be heavier.

With this in mind, pay close attention to the base, the number of axles, and the mounting of the wheels. Unfortunately, the cheaper models with a plastic base can break quite quickly after a year or so when the plastic dries up. Or the wheels can break: even if they are easily replaced, it is both an extra cost and an added annoyance that no one likes.

In addition, before proceeding with the purchase, be sure to check the maximum load that the model you are interested in can support. If you are a significant person, it is essential to consider this.

Office or gaming chair?

Those who love to play and work on the computer often find themselves faced with the doubt: better an office chair or a gaming chair?

In reality, the difference between the two models is almost minimal both in terms of ergonomics and the materials used, or resistance and comfort. What’s different? The outward appearance.

A gaming chair is made to have an attractive and aggressive aesthetic. They are available in a wide range of vibrant colors to combine best with any gaming station. On the other hand, the work one has a decidedly more professional look, with clean lines and classic colors such as white, cream, or black.

Both models are very comfortable and perfect for those who spend long hours at the computer. If one works in an office or receives customers at home, however, having a bright red armchair with aesthetic details recalling video games, maybe it doesn’t make a very professional figure. However, for a player streaming their games, a neutral office chair is not much of a gamer.

There is also an excellent middle ground, but the choice between a gaming chair and an office chair depends above all on the style and aesthetic preferences of the user, except in the cases of chairs for specific players with accessories created for the most avid gamers, but these are rare cases.

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