What Is A LAN Party?

The term LAN party is a few years old but is still used today. If you understand the meaning, you can also understand a joke like “Who is this LAN, and why does it have so many parties?” We explain the meaning to you.


A LAN party is not a real celebration but rather a meeting of computer gamers. They each bring a computer and connect it with a LAN cable, but there are now also solutions via WLAN. Through the connection, the participants of the LAN party can play computer games together.

LAN parties are prevalent among young people. They arrange to meet at a LAN party on the weekend and then play from evening until late at night. While the rounds in action games are usually relatively short, they often last several hours in strategy games.

A well-known alternative to LAN parties is online multiplayer games. Here, real players are also played, although they are not in the same room or house. The connection is made via the Internet, which means that one player can sit in Germany and another in China – and the game is played together.

LAN parties are best known for games like “Battlefield” or “Age of Empires”. In these, more than five players can play a game against or with one another in a local network.

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Frequently asked Questions

What do I need for a LAN party?

For a LAN party, you need a computer for each player and LAN cables and a router. The LAN cables lead from the computers to the router and thus connect all devices. In addition, you need some free sockets to supply all devices with power.

How many players can join a LAN party?

The maximum number of players at LAN parties depends on the game selected. However, if you have too many players, you can split into two groups. After a round, the members can be changed.

Which games support playing over LAN?

You can recognize games for LAN parties by a note in the product description. If you are unsure, enter the game’s name combined with “LAN” in a search engine. This is where you should find search results that clarify your question.

Do all players have to have the same operating system?

At a LAN party, it is beneficial if all players have the same operating system. This makes it easier to set up. Some games are not only offered for Windows but also Mac. Despite the different developers, you can play together.

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