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Face Shapes – How To Understand Your Own To Study Eyebrows, Contouring And Haircuts

Golden proportions

The same ones determine the different face shapes. Because every face is unique, and knowing its features is essential to study hairstyles, haircuts, and eyebrows thoroughly.

How to understand your face shape? With geometric precision. To understand the types of faces, it is sufficient to study the face starting from four fundamental lines: at the hairline, at the base of the eyebrows, at the centre of the tip of the nose and the base of the chin.

It will be sufficient to draw them on a photograph that portrays you from the front. By measuring the size of each portion, it will be easy to find out what shape your face is. The relationship between the length and width of the face will determine your face type.

If the height and width are similar, the face will have a square or round shape. Conversely, if your face is longer than wide, your face may be oval, heart-shaped or diamond-shaped. What changes after discovering face shapes? All. Because contouring, eyebrows and haircuts will never be the same again.

Face shapes: if the features are square

Recognizing a square face shape is very simple: the face will develop equal measure both in height and width. Temples, forehead and jaw are on the same line.

This face also combines these features with a high forehead, a pronounced chin and flat cheekbones. How to enhance this type of face? Softening it with makeup and creating volume in the areas that need it most, the cheeks, for example.

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Various face types: round faces

The outlines form an almost perfect circle. That is why it is not difficult to recognize face shapes such as the round one. Faces that tend to look younger but need contouring to regain depth.

Round faces usually have a broad forehead and full cheeks. A face shape with impeccable symmetry: height and width of the face are almost identical. For this reason, the secret to enhancing it is to verticalize its features, adding definition to the face.

Female face shapes: heart face shape

The identikit of this face shape is simple. A prominent forehead pointed chin, and pronounced cheekbones are enough to identify a heart-shaped face. A type of face to be wisely rebalanced to balance the disharmony between the upper and lower part. The receding jaw and hollow cheeks make these areas more minute.

Be careful not to confuse a heart-shaped face with an inverted triangle one. The latter has a very pronounced V shape, which makes the chin particularly pointed.

The hexagonal or diamond face

The focal point of the diamond face is the cheekbones, the real protagonists of this face shape. It is precisely their width that prevails over the forehead and jaw. A feature to be enhanced, perhaps with a shag cut.

Facial shapes and haircuts have an indissoluble link: the right hairstyle can rebalance the proportions of this type of face and make it more harmonious. Without giving up the features that make it unique.

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Face shapes: the oval face

Of all face shapes, the oval is undoubtedly the most versatile. Finding the right match with the cut and drawing the brows according to the shape of the face will be a joke.

More developed in height than in width, the oval faces are remarkably homogeneous. The height of the forehead, the space between the eyebrows and the nose and that between the tip of the nose and the chin are almost identical.

How to understand the shape of the face? Identify an oblong face

When the oval is very elongated, there is no doubt: the face shape is oblong. Much like the oval, this face shape is characterized by flat cheekbones and an elongated chin, two features that make a face appear very thin.

Oblong faces naturally develop much more in length than in width. In general, moreover, one of the face sections is visibly more elongated than the others. The result is a high forehead, a prominent nose or a very pronounced chin. How to enhance it? By creating horizontal focal points on the face.

Discover the face shapes of the stars in the gallery to find the right way to enhance yourself.


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