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Oil Bath: The Do’s And Don’ts

What is the oil bath?

As a hair mask, the oil bath is a treatment that is left on the hair. You select a vegetable oil of your choice and apply it to damp hair by massaging it before leaving it on for a few hours or even overnight. The oil bath, which always precedes the shampoo, allows the hair to be less attacked and weakened by the hair cleanser.

How to make an oil bath?

No, you don’t soak your hair in a basin of oil. They are moistened, then, after disentangling, the oil is applied section by section. If the technique seems simple to you, there are still specific rules to follow and gestures to be banned.

Oil bath: the “do’s”

Use a self-heating cap

After applying the oil to the whole of the hair, we wind the locks on themselves before putting on a self-heating cap. The latter keeps the heat released by the scalp and diffuses it over the entire hair.

This same heat opens the capillary scales for better penetration of the oil. System D: If you don’t have a cap, wrap your hair in cellophane, then in a scarf.

Mix the oils

One oil is good, and several are better. The Extraordinary Oil L’Oréal Paris have the advantage of containing six oils, including coconut oil, which is one of the few if not the only one to penetrate the hair fibre.

Oil bath: the “don’t”

Make an oil bath on coloured hair

Oil baths dull coloured hair and tend to wash out the colour. The solution: do the treatment a few days before or just after you visit the hairdresser to redo the colouring.

Apply too much oil

It is difficult to find a balance: when applying the oil, the hair must be full enough to receive the active ingredients of the oil, but it must not, in any case, flow. So we do not put all of a sudden, but gradually, to assess the quantity.

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