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Quality At Work: 5 Tips To Get It

Quality at work or quality in working life can be defined as the satisfaction of key needs for workers. It refers to the resources, activities and results derived from the participation of people in the workplace.

The needs defined by psychologist Abraham Maslow are considered highly relevant to supporting people’s needs, covering health and safety, economics and family, society, esteem, actualization, knowledge, and aesthetics.

In 2013, 9 components were used to measure the quality of working life of employees in private technical institutions:

  • Work environment
  • Organizational culture and climate.
  • relationship and cooperation
  • Formation and development
  • Compensation and Rewards
  • Facilities
  • Job satisfaction and job security
  • Work autonomy
  • Resource adequacy

Being motivated at work has to do with the feedback that a person receives in their day-to-day life, the projects they work on, the challenges assigned to them or the work relationships with colleagues. But, in addition, each person has the ability to improve their own working life. Here are some of the tips that HR professionals recommend:

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Start the day with a positive attitude

Every day, before going to work, it is a good idea to spend some time thinking about how satisfying the day will be and planning the main tasks that you want to accomplish. Motivating yourself is key to getting out of bed and starting the day with energy to enjoy it and make the most of it.

Learn from co-workers

Growing professionally both individually and with the rest of the team is one of the gifts that we often undervalue from our workplace. Each person has something to teach us and our willingness to let ourselves be taught depends solely on ourselves. Facing difficulties with humility and with a desire to know will reward us with learning that may possibly be useful to us in the future.

Avoid complaints

The facts are what they are. Sometimes the projects do not turn out as we would like, we do not obtain the expected results and we can only learn from it.

A negative attitude will not change what has happened, but may even give rise to other conflicts or errors and also generate discomfort in the work environment. Our emotions do not depend on the facts, but on the thoughts that we elaborate around them. Feeling better happens by thinking differently!

Meet regularly

Meetings cannot be long and tedious. Everyone must participate and talk about each incident and get to the root cause.

Over time, meetings become more productive and processes become stronger, systems become more robust. Confidence will increase as people see that the systems are catching errors.

People should feel heard and valued in their contributions

Unleash creativity

As exciting as it is, the work can become monotonous. To escape routine, specialists propose using creativity in those tasks that always seem the same. For them, we can propose new methodologies, challenges for the mind or involve more people to “refresh” the work.

Clear your mind at the end of the day

Work occupies most of our time and, as if that were not enough, it also accounts for a good part of our worries. Therefore, experts insist on the need to carry out activities outside our profession. Dancing, drawing, yoga or any sport help to clear the mind and release stress, which will not only contribute to our personal well-being, but will also be useful to deal more clearly with those work issues that concern us.

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