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Cyber ​​Intelligence: What Is It And What Is Its Importance?

When we talk about cyber intelligence, we refer to the knowledge and practices used in cyberspace, in order to analyze, interpret and evaluate vulnerabilities and incidents in this environment. Thus, the function that artificial intelligence offers us when analyzing large amounts of information is complemented. But that in a certain way is still moderately limited. Since it cannot interpret the information under human reasoning.

Why is cyber intelligence relevant ?

We must understand that today there are many methods, training and information available on the internet about computer security. However, despite having great tools to protect the privacy of information and data, it is necessary that the companies involved have all the necessary knowledge. And through cyber intelligence it is possible to improve the quality of a cybersecurity plan and system.

Likewise, this is convenient for companies and workers, since both need to constantly improve their methods and knowledge of the area. This is the only way they will ensure that any incident does not catch them off guard and that they can solve it quickly .

How does cyber intelligence benefit companies?

Speaking a little more about the benefits of companies, it is important to state that the intelligence applied in this space relies heavily on technological tools . Such as: applications, software and platforms. However, to measure and evaluate the results, many times the one that gives us these tools, lacks a qualitative assessment. Being this, important for many entities. It is like through this technology, it is possible to complement the quantitative data to have more detailed information .

The objective of it is that the personnel in charge of the company’s computer security can solve problems on time because they have the necessary knowledge to do so. At the same time, this person will be able to do a detailed analysis of it , which cannot be done with just one tool.

A company handles large amounts of information and it is for this reason that they have specialized platforms on this subject. Also if there is no staff that knows the benefits of it. Therefore, it will be an investment misused by the company.

How does cyber intelligence work ?

Now, to understand how the application works in cyberspace intelligence, we must explain its stages :

1. Planning:

In a company you cannot work adrift, you have to establish objectives and based on them create a plan. It is how a work methodology is created that is functional and focused on the purpose of the company .

2. Research:

In this step, information about possible threats and vulnerabilities in the company’s system must be collected .

3. Analysis:

In this phase, with the information that we have collected, we must select the one that is most convenient and useful for improving the cybersecurity plan. In addition, this helps the people in charge to have up-to-date information .

4. Selection:

From the analysis, proposals for improvement are made, which must be supported and exposed to the company to take action. In this case, the most favorable and convenient options for the company are valued .

5. Evaluation:

Finally, the plans and improvements made are measured, determining their effectiveness and productivity. In this way it is established if the plan is useful or if it should be changed and repeat the entire operation. In order to find a more effective plan .

Is this job option in demand?

Of course yes, currently doing a master’s degree in this area is in demand. Well, every day the threats grow and with it the request for experts on the subject. Here we mention what you will learn in a training in this area :

  • Apply cyber intelligence techniques.
  • Study the methods used by cybercriminals.
  • Browse the Deep Web .
  • Use spy tools.
  • Evaluate information on digital intelligence.
  • And much more, because the objective of this training is to create a generation of professionals in the area that help companies protect themselves from such attacks.

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