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Which Is Structured Query Language (My SQL)

The term Structured Query Language or the abbreviation MySQL is a globally widespread relational database system. In many content management systems, it provides the technical basis for data storage. The function of the database system is that it can process large amounts of data quickly.

My Structured Query Language is one of the most popular relational database management systems in the world. It is considered to be open-source software and an enterprise version with high advertising potential for the various operating systems and is therefore available for them. It is also used as the basis for all dynamic websites.

Origin of the naming and history of MySQL

The abbreviation “My” in front of My Structured Query Language is the first name of the daughter of one of the developers, Michael Widenius. MySQL is the most widely used database system on the Internet. Many content management systems such as WordPress or TYPO3 use MySQL as a relational database system and the scripting language PHP to provide dynamic websites.

In 1994 the Swedish company began developing the database system under Michael Widenius and David Axmark. The first publication of this appeared in 1997. Sun Microsystems took over MySQL AB in early 2008 and was responsible for further system development. In 2008, MySQL 5.1 was released. This was followed by the purchase of Oracle 2010 from Sun Microsystems. Oracle also took care of the continuous improvement of the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) with work and published several new pieces of information. The source code of MySQL, written in C and C ++, is accessible to everyone, as the system was also developed as freeware.

Function of MySQL

An essential function of the MySQL database system is the fast and efficient processing of large amounts of data. Data is stored within the database, which should take up little storage space.

The database is then indicated with the database language SQL. A separate graphical user interface is not interpreted within MySQL. However, implementation can be achieved using external programs.

Many commercial or free programs offer a graphical interface for the administration and operation of MySQL. One of these programs is, for example, phpMyAdmin, which is available free of charge.

MySQL can be purchased both as open-source software and as a commercial version and is compatible with the various operating systems.


WordPress, Joomla, or TYPO3, which MySQL also serves as the basis, are among the best-known content management systems used by the PHP and MySQL systems. In addition, many online shop systems use the system architecture of MySQL and Facebook, Google, YouTube, Flickr, or Twitter.

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