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What Is Micromanagement And How Does It Affect The Talent In Your Company?

Within the field of management there are numerous ways of managing teams , and some of them are more efficient than others. So that you can get the best out of the leaders of your organization and the teams in your company, in this article we will tell you what micromanaging consists of and why it has negative effects on the performance of your staff.

What is Micromanagement?

Micromanagement is a management model that focuses on controlling each and every one of the actions and tasks carried out by workers and work groups, looking for failures and errors and paying attention to the smallest detail.

Those people who manage the members of a team in this way do so thinking that, in this way, the quality of work done and the efficiency of the workers will improve, when, in reality, it usually happens the other way around.

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How to identify micromanagement?

People who micromanage often exhibit a series of behaviors that identify them as micromanagers :

1. They don’t know how to delegate

They are not able to trust the work and abilities of others enough to give them the responsibility to carry out tasks for which, in reality, they are trained.

2. They do not encourage commitment

By not allowing workers to carry out their tasks autonomously, micromanagers are not able to count on a dedicated and dedicated work group.

3. They focus on irrelevant or non-urgent things

Because of their desire to control everything, those who tend to micromanage often spend too much time correcting or making notes on issues that are not priorities, causing workers to spend their time tackling those minor issues instead of paying attention to them. most important tasks.

4. They do not accept other points of view

People who are dedicated to micromanaging teams do not usually accept opinions and work methods that are different from their own. This is precisely why they need to exercise control and constantly review the tasks of others.

5. They hinder decision making

These types of managers usually want to have the last word and, therefore, it becomes very difficult for workers to make decisions for which they are trained and which, in many cases, are inherent to the position they hold.

Why does micromanagement negatively affect the talent of your company?

Having one or several micromanagers in the company can be the difference between having motivated teams, committed and happy with their work, and dissatisfied and undelivered teams. Hard-working people who have to deal with what a manager who micromanages dictates on a daily basis will cause a lack of trust in their leader and they will be exhausted by all the demands and the little freedom they have to carry out their tasks.

In addition, micromanagement will affect the creativity and decision-making capacity of workers who will feel frustrated and become less productive than they would be if they had a leader who motivated them and empowered all their talent.

How to improve micromanagement?

To go from micromanaging the workers to becoming the trusted person of the team, it is necessary, first of all, to encourage open communication between all the members of the team , so that each of them can freely express their opinion and appear . In this way, not only will the team be enriched, but the leader will be able to improve the professional bond with the workers.

Likewise, it is also important to understand that each person has particular skills and knowledge thanks to which they have been hired for a job . In this sense, it is important to learn to support and encourage the autonomy of workers and let them be the ones who focus their tasks.

In addition, it is also important to allow team members to make their own decisions when it is up to them. Focusing more on results and less on how things are done is the key to companies with satisfied workers.

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