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What Is Your Level Of English?

We could start this article by explaining the importance of being knowledgeable in different languages. Still, it is enough to consult the job offers to realize that the labour market places a lot of value on the possession of a second language, even going so far as to suppose the difference between the resumes that some do not accept companies.

Being able to determine and demonstrate our skills in a language other than our native language. Do you know the levels of competencies that exist today?

Benefits of knowing English

Being bilingual is not only important at the work level, but it can also offer you enormous benefits both personally and professionally.

Benefits of knowing English at a professional level

Many professional benefits knew a second language could bring you. Learning English can help you get a job, as it significantly improves your resume and increases your job opportunities. It can also offer you the possibility of working abroad and, by promoting communication with international markets, increases your options for accessing salary improvements.

Benefits of knowing English on a personal level

As we all know, the possession of languages ​​shows mental agility, so on a personal level learning English is an exceptional opportunity to train the mind and keep it in constant training. On the other hand, knowing different languages ​​will open your mind to new experiences. You will know different habits and realities. In short, you will expand your horizons, becoming a complete person. Consequently, you will have more self-confidence and, therefore, greater self-esteem, which will allow you to increase the speed and effectiveness in making decisions and help you take risks that will catapult you to success.

Know your level of English

Let’s be honest, when we speak of “a second language”, the first that comes to mind is English. So, we will talk about the different levels of knowledge of this language.

In short, having one level or another determines the comprehension and expressive ability both orally and in writing of a language other than the mother tongue.

English level according to regulations

Level A1 of English

This is the lowest level of knowledge of a certain language and is the one presented by beginners who only know some words and concepts.

Train yourself at this level if you want to understand and use everyday expressions, have a simple conversation about your day-to-day, and learn simple vocabularies such as numbers, smells, means of transport, clothing, or family.

Level A2 of English

The next level continues to be basic, but it allows those who handle it to understand simple readings and handle very simple conversations.

This is the level provided in 4th-year ESO classes and can also be acquired through online and face-to-face courses.

Level B1 of English

It is considered the intermediate level since it allows both oral and written communication and is required for high school students.

Acquire the B1 level of English and manage conversations about specific topics such as work, studies, leisure and family.

Level B2 of English Those

Those with level B2 can maintain fluent communication with a native speaker and understand and create complex texts.

Learning to handle yourself with ease at this level can open many doors at the labour level since it is the level that, as a general rule, is required in the professional market and the one that is requested for the opposition.

Level C1 of English

Level C1 allows functioning in English in an advanced way. A person with this level of English will be able to communicate with total freedom in the personal, professional and academic fields fluently and completely.

Level C2 of English

Level C2 is the most advanced level that can be acquired in a language. This is an academic level. Whoever dominates it is considered an expert and can cope perfectly with any situation.

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