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Top Educational Trends In 2021

In recent years, in this blog, we try to bring you closer to teaching (and learning) changes that we detect and implement in our training processes: educational trends.

In previous exercises, we have talked to you above all about methodologies applied by the teacher, introduced in articles with many follow-ups, and developed by several of our interviewees from the education sector, such as Conchi Fernández or Ángel Fidalgo.

In the coming months, we will talk about innovations and educational trends for 2021. The orientation will be the technology we teach and how we deliver the content and evaluations to the students that allow them to develop the skills under study.

Educational Trends 2021

Some of these training solutions that Grupo Femxa already implements are:

Educational Storytelling

Storytelling is a technique used in marketing to connect with users through a story. A character and his plot introduce the content to be transmitted more naturally than other advertising materials. Blog practices Storytelling through the character of Ángela, a virtual entrepreneur who shares her problems with digital marketing and the management of her craft business.

From an educational point of view, Storytelling can be used in the same way, so that the student assimilates the contents from a much more practical point of view, and above all, very entertaining, since our stories, applied to business training, generate curiosity, desires to learn and reach the heart.

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Microlearning Strategies

Microlearning is based on the fragmentation of the didactic content to be transmitted. It is about building a complete training process through small steps, which are generally linked to remote training to carry out training at any time and place.


We already talked about gamification as an upward trend during 2019, so if you are a follower of this blog, you already know how we spend it with the serious game. Now we turn the concept around and introduce microgames as small training pills in games, creating attractive and playful resources that impact students.

Collaborative Work in Virtual Environments

Virtual learning environments earn a lot in the teacher’s day-to-day life, both in tele-training modalities and in person. Collaborative work is transferred to web 2.0 through social networks or elements such as electronic questionnaires or online portfolios to present and expose works with project-based learning as a leitmotif.

Mobile Learning (Responsive Websites and WebApps)

Mobile Learning is not new as a training element, but the tools used as a technological base in education are being adapted. A demanding student body asks for responsive Websites, an improved version of the web page adapted to multi-devices.

In addition, the complete applications for mobile devices are ideal for learning in company work processes. We transfer the training experience to the smartphone and combine them with previous trends to generate learning spaces that can be used quickly, from anywhere.

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